The Importance of Recognising Achievement in Children and the Best Ways to Do So

Here at Image Casting, we offer a number of services that can help people to celebrate success, whether it be the bronze resin cast of a football boot to represent excellence in football or a holding hand cast to signify teamwork. We’ve put together a few reasons as to why recognising achievement is so important, and some of the best ways you can do this, with a little bit of help from us here at Image Casting.

An example of a hand cast to celebrate success!

Why recognise achievement in general?

Recognising and celebrating the achievements of children plays an important role in developing their self-esteem and overall character, defining the way the engage and perceive success in the future. Consistent positive reinforcement and praise where necessary will build confidence in young children when they need it most, and this will help them approach challenges in later life with a can-do attitude. Children will learn and develop continuously, and adults need to be providing an enabling environment that allows them to grow.

A focus on sport

Encouraging your child to have a healthy relationship with sport, health and fitness is of utmost importance, and one of the best ways to encourage them is through the celebration of achievement. Most sporting clubs for children are sociable, character-building practice that teaches children about the importance of commitment. It is important that both a child’s talent and their efforts are celebrated, giving them the motivation to continue and succeed in the future. Further to this, an actual physical award is a constant reminder of what they have achieved, reinforcing their sense of self-worth and giving them something they can display with pride. It’s also important for adults to be recognised for their sporting achievements, allowing them to continue their passion and dedication for a sport for years to come.

The differences between award and reward

The words ‘award’ and ‘reward’ are often used interchangeably, and can both be applied when recognising achievements and celebrating success. That said, understanding the difference between the two is of paramount importance, so as not to take away credit or lessen the exclusivity of an award. A reward will usually be given in acknowledgement of someone’s efforts, usually as a result of hardships, honesty and loyalty and will be given in private. Alternatively, an award is usually a given to someone for accomplishing something rare such as winning a contest, incredible work or contribution in a specific field, and are presented in public. Both terms are a symbol of something positive and of pride and admiration, for when hard work has resulted in success.

Unique ways of recognising achievement in sport


One of the most popular ways to celebrate achievement is with an award such as a trophy, that will often be presented in front of a crowd and be something they can be proud of and hold on to forever. You can take that one step further with the help of us here at Image Casting, with the casting of something that is personal to the winner of the award, for example, a footballer might receive the casting sculpture of their boot that they had previously scored a hattrick in. Not only does this heighten the meaningfulness of the award, but it’s a great way to present the deserving recipient with something traditional, yet different to any other trophy they may already have. A personalised award is likely to take pride of place within the family home and make for a fantastic conversation-starter for visitors.


For a unique way of celebrating success, the awarding of personalised pendants on necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks make the perfect special keepsake that the awardee can treasure forever. If awarded during a formal event, these can be adorned straightaway, allowing the wearer to bask in the praise they deserve and make the most of the celebration. The pendants can be personalised appropriately depending on the sport so a boxer might have a closed fist or a rugby player could have the egg-shaped ball. This gives them an accessory they can wear time and time again in the future, for special occasions or whenever they need some confidence and a reminder of all they have achieved so far.

It’s up to you!

Awarding anybody, particularly a child, for success is a great excuse to be creative, and present a unique keepsake that they will enjoy forever. We suggest using your imagination to come up with something special to present, ensuring that a significant amount of recognition is celebrated. Personalised gifts are always more special, and with an array of generic trophies available on the market, you can make sure yours stands out above the rest!