Fingerprint Jewellery

We love the idea of your little ones and loved ones unique fingerprints sitting close to your heart, where you can lose yourself in happy thoughts just by touching the charm around your neck or wrist.

We create unique keepsake jewellery that is hand engraved with the fingerprints of the ones you love - children, partner, parents, grand-parents and friends.

With no two fingerprints being the same, our engraved charms are unique and will sit amongst your most cherished jewellery.

Sterling silver fingerprint charm

The Process

When we receive your prints, we will select the best one for our Master engravers. The print is traced onto the selected charm and then carefully and skilfully hand engraved. Great care is taken to ensure every line is traced and captured perfectly.

An initial or symbol can be engraved on the reverse of the charm, if desired, then the disc is gently polished for a final time before it is packaged in a luxury jewellery box and delivered via Guaranteed Special Delivery.

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Touching finger tips

The Fingerprint

Once a fingerprint has developed, it does not change with growth or age, and every single one is totally unique. We recommend waiting until 18 months or older for babies.

The idea is simple and we've tried to make the process simple for you too.

  • Complete the Order Form and a kit will be posted to you or you can visit the workshop.
  • You take the prints in the comfort of your home using our easy ink print kit and then send them back to us. The kit has full instructions and we are available if you have any questions.

The rest you can leave to us!

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Touching fingers


Our recommended fingerprint disc charms are 20mm and 15mm in diameter for silver and 20mm and 16mm for gold, with a depth of 2mm for sterling silver and 1mm for gold.

The following are indicative prices and include the kit, the charm, engraving and delivery.

  • Sterling silver disc charm 20mm x 2mm - £285
  • Sterling silver disc charm 15mm x 2mm - £280
  • 14 carat yellow gold charm 20mm x 1mm - from £595
  • 14 carat yellow gold charm 15mm x 1mm - from £575

As there are so many options when it comes to a chain (design, link size, length, metal etc) and it is a very personal choice, we do not include a chain with the charm. If you would like a chain, we can source that for you.

Other charm sizes, shapes and metals are available so please discuss your requirements with us - we love creating pieces unique to you!

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