Cold Casts

A cold metal cast - also known as resin - is the most detailed way of capturing those perfect baby hands and feet; every tiny wrinkle of newborn skin, every little fingernail and every nuance can be preserved forevermore.

The finish of our bronze and aluminium cold casts is aesthetically beautiful with a metallic look and a gentle patina. The entire cold cast process is completed in-house at our workshop in Clapham ensuring the quality and care each cast deserves.

  • Home Casting Visit (see "What's Included")
  • UK Delivery
  • Discounts available for workshop casting visit
  • Lead Time: 5-6 weeks
Aluminium and bronze cold casts showing the fine detail of the sole of the foot

Bronze and Aluminium

We offer two main finishes for our cold casts - the traditional bronze that is visually hard to differentiate from real bronze, and the fresher, lighter look of the aluminium resin. Real metal powder is added to the resin which is then polished to bring out the shine and delicate details of the cast.

Other finishes are available and we are always happy to discuss any ideas with you. Freestanding casts can be hand engraved (free) or machine engraved for that extra personal touch.

Engraving Details
Aluminium resin cast of two adults holding hands

Holding Hands

A holding hands sculpture is a simple, truly unique and symbolic way of displaying a bond and affection between loved ones. Our cold metal casts will sit amongst your most cherished possessions: a beautiful and lasting keepsake for generations to come, made even more precious because of the memories they hold.

There are many combinations of holding hand options. The following prices are for our most popular casts for guidance but please contact us to discuss your holding hands cast in more detail and we can provide a quote

  • Parent and Baby £515
  • 2 Siblings (children) £430
  • 3 Siblings (children)  £515
  • Two adults £630
Baby feet in 3 finishes of cold cast on display cushions


There are so many possibilities with cold casting. We’d be happy to provide you with further details regarding the casting process, the various options that are available and to provide prices.

Prices are based on the number, size and weight of the casts. The following link provides guide prices which will be confirmed prior to the casting appointment.

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