Casts for Older Children and Babies Alike

15th July 2020

If you’ve already got older children, you’ll know just how quickly your little one turns from a babe in arms to a toddler and then school age in the blink of an eye and before you know it, they’re a teenager.  Knowing what you know, if you’ve just had a new addition to the family, you may be yearning to keep hold of those precious early moments of your baby’s life before they grow up.

A resin baby foot cast or baby hand cast makes for a wonderful baby memento, but you may feel that you’ve already missed out on preserving these moments in your older child’s life. If this is the case, there is a wonderful solution: a resin cast which involves your older child too, preserving an exciting time in any growing family’s life.

It’s never too late to capture a sentimental family moment

A resin cast is the perfect way to mark the first steps of any growing family.  Sentimental baby keepsakes can be created in the moment where family bonds are formed with big brothers and sisters: imagine a beautiful cast of your family’s footprints or handprints side by side, or big brother and little brother holding hands.

Parents can also get involved, with a single hand or foot cast of every member of the family in one frame – baby’s foot will be barely bigger than Daddy’s toe! Siblings holding hands is a lovely, tactile way of capturing those new bonds forming, and really brings out a child’s personality, whilst preserving a special moment within a family’s history – enough to bring a tear to any proud parent’s eye.

Involving older siblings in the casting process

We make sure that the casting process is just as fun for the children as it is for the adults who receive the final finished product. Older siblings will feel involved at every step, helping them to understand what a special gift they’re creating for both their parents and younger brother or sister.

Children are often fascinated by the casting mousse, and may also, admittedly, be a little wary of it to start with!  The casting mousse is a strange texture, after all, and some children may be apprehensive, feeling that they will get stuck – we make sure to show them this isn’t the case, and the fun created by the casting process means that they usually end up wanting to create more casts – after all, we’ve not lost a foot yet!

Beautiful family and baby keepsakes can be created by involving the whole family – it’s never too late to cast your family’s memories in resin and preserve them forever more.

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