Pet Casts

Our pets are a huge part of the family and a casting of their paw or cute nose is a very special way of conveying the deep love we have towards them. Every detail, from their unique paw pads to their beautiful fur, is expertly captured in one of our castings.

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  • Pet treats for bribery!
Five cat paws in different cold cast finishes

Available for your Pets

All the styles and products we offer for human casts are also available for your pets – from a holding hand and paw cast, a single loose or framed paw to a miniature charm, our casts will sit proudly in any home.

Circular bronze resin plaque of a dog paw imprint


We love being able to create memories. Eddie’s paw print was discovered in some concrete in the garden and we were able to create a beautiful plaque from it for the owner to treasure.

If you have a pet casting idea that you would like to discuss please contact us.

A cold cast metal, freestanding dog paw starts from £275, but as each cast is unique please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a quote for you.

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Choice of Materials

Our pet casts can be created in a choice of materials, each one having its own unique qualities. Click on the options below to see more details and guide prices for each material.

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