The Beauty of our Casting Kit

26th February 2020

If you live outside one of our home visit catchment areas or are unable to call into one of our casting venues or our workshop in Clapham, but would still love to capture the early days of your little one’s life, you don’t need to worry: one of our baby casting kits is ideal for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

It may sound scary, and you may worry that you won’t get as good a finish for your baby foot cast or baby hand cast as you would if we were to take the cast for you, but it isn’t actually as daunting as it sounds: once you’ve taken the cast, it’s sent back to us to allow us to perform our baby casting magic!

Cast your casting worries aside!

Despite what you may think, our baby casting kit is straightforward to use and there are specific step-by-step instructions along with hints and tips for taking a good mould. Even if they are the wriggliest of babies you can get a fabulous cast. Once you’ve taken the mould, you can then place the cast in our capable hands by sending it back to us to finish. This means you will still have the benefit of our skill and expertise in the pouring of the mould and the polishing to ensure the detail of your baby’s tiny fingers and toes is not lost.

The mould will last at least two weeks if packaged correctly and it travels well too – we’ve had casts from as far afield as Japan, Australia, the States, China and Singapore, not to mention Europe and UK wide – and the only additional cost to you is postage. You have nothing to lose, as we will refund the cost of the kit or send more casting mousse in the unlikely event that your first attempt is unsuccessful.

The benefits of using one of our baby casting kits over a painted plaster version

You may have been tempted to use a cheap, painted plaster baby casting kit; in fact, if you’ve used one of these in the past, this may be what’s putting you off trying our baby casting kit. This shouldn’t be the case, however, as metal cold casts are vastly superior to a plaster baby hand cast or baby foot cast.

We use a premium resin with real metal powder added to give a beautiful sheen and patina to the finished product. Our casts are also more durable and offer longevity; in fact, we are often asked to make metal resin copies from plaster casts which have broken! So you can see that taking your own cast with one of our baby casting kits, before sending it back to us to bring out its beauty, will give you a much more professional finish.

Hints and tips for taking a good cast using our baby casting kit

Using the baby casting kit successfully really is a simple task, but we have a few hints and tips which will make the process even easier:

  • Moisturiser or baby oil can ruin the moulds, so make sure the baby's feet are clean and dry before you take the cast.
  • You’ll get a better mould if your little one is relaxed and has things to distract them, so keep favourite toys, or perhaps a bunch of keys, nearby to take their mind off of the casting process.
  • Feeding while you cast can also work well as a relaxation technique.
  • Hold the baby's foot or hand gently but firmly in the casting mousse, and remember that it doesn’t matter how wriggly they are, as even the wriggliest of toes and fingers can be beautifully captured. Just make sure the foot or hand remains covered in the casting mousse throughout the process.

Full instructions are included in the baby casting kit, but as you can see, it’s an easy process which will result in beautiful baby keepsakes of those precious first days of your baby’s life.

To view a video of the casting process and to find details on how to order a Casting Kit visit our website

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