7 of the Best Baby Bloggers to Follow in 2018

18th January 2018

Here at Image Casting, we provide bespoke baby keepsakes for families across the UK, capturing a moment in time and allowing parents to treasure them forever. The personalised nature of our products is reflective of the individual journey taken by every mum and dad in the unique, rollercoaster ride known as parenthood. While there's no set guidebook to follow, in 2018, we are lucky enough to have access to hundreds upon hundreds of truthful, informative and entertaining baby bloggers who share their story with you, me and anyone else who wants to listen!

We've decided to narrow it down and list just 7 of our favourite baby bloggers for you to check out in 2018:

Bump to Baby

Alex is the brains behind the Bump to Baby blog, which follows her journey of marrying her childhood sweetheart and her tales of parenthood to their two young boys. The website covers everything from pregnancy posts to home interiors -- and everything in between. Her blog posts include lots of fun parenting inspiration, along with truly authentic accounts of when parenting isn't quite the smooth journey you once imagined. She also has a YouTube channel full of interactive content for those days where you just need to put your feet up and not think for an hour or two. We all have them!

The Oliver's Madhouse

As families both new and old can attest, this blog is very aptly named for modern households. The author, Jaime, covers a variety of topics including parenting/family, health/fitness, travel/adventures and lifestyle/home, so there's bound to be a topic of interest in the blogs. Her honest accounts of her and her family's adventures are a breath of fresh air and outline all the highs and lows of modern parenthood. There is even a section of the blog dedicated to reviews, where you can read all about her experiences with toys, products and clothes; the 21^st^ century way of 'try before you buy'.

Boo Roo and Tiger Too

Sarah writes engaging, entertaining blogs of her experiences as a mother, including travel, reviews and a home décor section along with parenthood and pregnancy. The pregnancy of her youngest is accounted stage by stage, with unapologetic accounts of how she is feeling at every point, making for a relatable read for expecting mothers. She also has a section that records the first year of 'Piglet', allowing you to watch her grow both visually and in written accounts of her developments as well as draw parallels to your own baby in their first year.

Scrapbook Blog

Lauren documents the life and adventures of her family via scrapbooks that include text, pictures and videos of what they've been up to recently. The videos provide a real account of what to expect from days out, perfect for those looking for Sunday Funday inspiration. There is also a review section called 'what the kids...' and includes what they did, wore, read and played with. The parenting section of her blog reveals all from breastfeeding to a story about her own C section. A fantastic blog with plenty to explore but be warned -- a twenty minute read will soon turn into hours spent scrolling!

Hi Baby Blog

Hannah is a first-time mum sharing all her experiences of motherhood -- from the early stages of pregnancy to general accounts of parenting and everything that comes with it! A fantastic insight into the life of millennial parents and leads the way for young parents all over the country. Hannah writes entertaining, authentic blogs including 'Why I've got no time for #DadGoals' and 'Being a 'young parent' -- the good, the bad and the ugly', giving consideration to some of the most recent controversial topics surrounding parenthood. Her blog also looks at fashion, food, crafts and her hometown of Belfast, and well worth checking out next time you get to put your feet up.


As you may be able to gather from the name, this blog follows the life of Natalie and her family as she writes about life as a modern family, including travel and adventures, as well as her passion for interiors. Her parenting section included regular updates throughout her pregnancy, along with some very relatable posts for new mums, including 'My post-baby body three months on: will it ever feel the same?'. Her interiors section includes family-friendly ideas and inspirations for the home while her reviews and competition section has lots of new products to check out. A fabulous way to spend a cold afternoon and keep those January blues at bay!

Life as Mum

Life as Mum was created by Beth, mum-of-three, who started blogging in 2013, documenting life with her husband and two young children. She has since added a third to her brood, of which the pregnancy, birth and all aspects of his first year has featured on the blog. Beth also blogs about other interests including fitness, food, photography, fashion and interiors, so there's something for everyone to get lost in. An honest, heart-warming account of raising a family that's great for both expecting and existing parents!

We hope our seven baby blogs provide some enjoyment for everyone from parents-to-be to experienced pros! Blogging is a fantastic way to document your family as they grow up, and leave you with lasting memories that you can look back over fondly in years to come. Alas, the nature of modern day life means that you may not have enough time to dedicate to a blog for yourself, in which case you may want to check out our baby feet casting kits, to capture a moment in time for a baby keepsake you can treasure forever!

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