There is a delicate and ethereal quality that comes from glass castings. Subtle shifts of light can completely transform a glass casting and there is something truly special about watching how the shifting light throughout the day delicately changes your cast.

To learn more about glass casts and the different finishes and colours please visit our blog or contact us. Casts can be ENGRAVED for that extra personal touch.

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  • Silicone moulds
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  • Discounts available for workshop casting visit
  • Lead Time: 12-14 weeks
Glass plaque with baby feet impressions

Baby Casts

Glass is a fragile yet powerfully evocative material, especially when combined with a life cast of your precious baby or loved one.

In addition to a 3D cast you can capture your little one's hands or feet in a glass plaque or cube giving a new fascinating perspective to those tiny details.

A pair of glass baby casts start from £660

A pair of baby casts in a glass plaque start from £825

These are just two examples - for full details please see the Prices page

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A glass cast of two adults clasping hands stood up on their wrists on a black background

Holding Hands

Luxurious and tactile, a glass holding hands cast evokes a sense of belonging and an unbroken bond. The transparency and how the light plays with the cast is simply beautiful.

Glass prices are based on the size and weight of the cast, so the following prices are for guidance only.

  • Parent and Baby £1360
  • Siblings £900
  • Two adults £1700

Please contact us to discuss your holding hands cast in more detail and we can provide you with a quote.

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Aqua coloured glass baby feet set in an bespoke acrylic open frame with the baby's name and age displayed below the casts

Framed Casts

Set in either an open frame or one of our deep box frames, glass casts capture all the details of your little one’s tiny hands and feet with a beautiful transparency. Each angle reflects the light differently so they continue to intrigue and amaze. Casts can be made in coloured, clear or frosted glass with the backing to match or contrast. Please contact us to find out more.

A framed pair of clear glass feet starts from £840

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Close up image of a glass baby hand cast, palm down

The Nature of Glass

Due to the nature of glass and the techniques used, small air bubbles and veining can occur in the glass which is a natural part of the casting process and is not a defect. Using a different, more costly process, these bubbles can be eradicated and we are happy to quote for this Superclear glass option.


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