The Magic of Miniatures

9th February 2021

We offer a range of hand and foot casts that make the perfect present for any family. But the beautiful, bespoke casts aren’t the only option for you. Image Casting offers perfect miniature charms of your bundle of joy's hands and feet, meaning you can keep them close to your heart, and treasure them forever.

All miniatures are beautifully hand-crafted in sterling silver, 9 and 18ct yellow and rose gold and platinum, and they can be made into a variety of jewellery such as pendants, cufflinks and keyrings. A pendant can be attached to an existing necklace to keep your child close to your heart always, even once they’ve grown up and cufflinks make the perfect present for any father or grandfather.

Charms are a wonderfully sentimental present for any new mum, grandma, or godparent, who will appreciate the thought behind such a wonderful gift. Miniatures can also be made into cufflinks, providing the ultimate accessory for proud dads and granddads who can save the bespoke adornment for special occasions. Whichever you choose, you can guarantee that your miniature will be a talking point and will quickly become one of your most treasured possessions.

The magic of miniatures doesn’t stop there. Why not gift a miniature to the baby in recognition of his or her first birthday or Christmas to mark such an important milestone? Alas, babies will not remember their first Christmas or birthday and it’s highly likely that they’ll be more interested in the gift wrap than the present itself! But, buying them a beautiful baby keepsake is the gift that keeps on giving, and can be kept safely until they are ready to look after it themselves. This could be anything from cufflinks for their graduation, a keyring for when they pass their driving test or a necklace for a milestone birthday.

If you already have a cast taken and have a silicone mould, you’ll just need to send the mould to us so we can create your miniature. Or we can make the silicone mould from your original cast. If you know someone who already treasures a life-size cast, why not make it into a miniature? The pinnacle of thoughtfulness, as you have really considered the recipient and what they love, to gift something you know, they will truly appreciate. The miniatures can be passed down the generations within the family, turning into somewhat of a family heirloom, which only increases in sentimental value with time.

You could also use a miniature of a holding hands cast for a romantic gesture, be it for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas. If you don’t already have a cast of you both holding hands, why not book a casting session if you are in London, Berkshire or the Leeds area? If you are unsure whether you fall within a catchment area, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can arrange a casting visit. This will make for great memories and a bonding experience, giving the two of you some well-deserved quality time together! While this may remove the element of surprise in terms of the type of gift you are arranging, the recipient would never guess that you are arranging a bespoke, custom-made piece of jewellery that they can treasure forever!

Examples of our beautiful miniature casts

The bond between grandchild and grandparent is indescribable, so organise a holding hands cast for the important Nanna’s and Grandad’s in your life today! We’ve previously mentioned the importance of treating the grandparents in your life to something special, and a miniature is the perfect way to do so! Baby feet pendants, cufflinks and charms are a great way for distant nanny’s and grandpa’s to keep their little darlings close to them at all times!

If the idea of a miniature has taken your fancy, or you’d like to find out more about organising the ideal present, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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