Holding Hands

The act of holding hands spans every generation as a sign of love and deep connection, which may be why our holding hands casts evoke such an emotional response when they are received.

Whether it is between a couple, parent and child, or siblings, the act of linking hands creates a unique bond that is truly something special.

For details about how casts can be engraved for that extra personal touch, view our ENGRAVING page.

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Mid patina bronze cast of a mum holding her baby's wrist while he grasps around her index finger. Also shows lovely detail of mum's diamond wedding band

Baby and parent

With a new-born baby, parents want to hold on to every precious moment they can. The beauty of a holding hands cast is the ability it has to bring those memories and feelings rushing back. Seeing your little one clasping your finger will evoke a deep feeling of love every time you touch the cast.

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A bronze cold cast showing stunning ring detail as part of a couple holding hands.


Couples hold hands as a display of their relationship and closeness. It creates a deep sense of belonging and love and a holding hands life cast is a truly unique way to celebrate that love.

If you are looking for a unique wedding or engagement present, a holding hands cast makes an extraordinarily special gift that symbolises the love between a couple. Our bespoke sculptures can capture even the most detailed of engagement rings and wedding bands, making it all the more personal and creative.

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Adult and baby cast in bronze resin showing the mum gently holding the baby's arm


What better way to celebrate that irreplaceable and special relationship between brothers and sisters than a holding hands cast: a beautiful reminder of that bond in the years to come.

If you missed out on getting your oldest child – or even all of your children – cast when they were babies, don’t worry! You can still create a very special memory of them all, as we can cast at any age!

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Range of Materials

Holding hands casts can be created from a range of materials, each with their own unique properties


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