About Us

Image Casting was founded in 1998 and today specialises in creating beautiful casts that preserve a special moment in any parents’ life.

Our casts come framed or free-standing and capture the wonder of your baby’s impossibly tiny feet and hands, with every little detail.

Whether it is resin, bronze, sterling silver or glass they will sit amongst your most precious possessions and only increase in emotional value as you see your children grow up.

Why choose Image Casting?

  • We are passionate about what we do and believe that our product and service reflect our core belief in quality, individuality and craftsmanship. It’s all about the detail.
  • We are the experts in resin casts and use only premium suppliers for all our goods and services. We have a level of experience that results in uncompromising quality.
  • We bring our customers the finest casts through years of developing specialist techniques and exploring new materials.
  • Your casts are unique to you.
  • Our prices are all inclusive of a home visit (specified areas), safe delivery of your casts and VAT.
  • Excellence guaranteed.

Our Philosopy

At Image Casting we are proud of the quality of our casts and the attention to detail that goes in to each and every cast we produce.

Our skilled workers have backgrounds in sculpting, jewellery making and the arts. They all have their own small businesses and we are able to provide the support of a guaranteed income while they’re business develops. The diversity of skills keeps the work fresh and the quality improves as each worker introduces new ideas.