Frequently Asked Questions

What is cold casting (also known as resin)?

Cold casts, or resin, is a two-part liquid which when mixed together forms a fast-setting hard material. We add real bronze powder and aluminium powder to get the finishes you see on the website. It looks and feels like real bronze and has a good weight to it. Although not as strong as real bronze it is an extremely robust material and will not break easily. It can therefore be un-framed as well as framed.

What is our gentle casting mousse made of?

Our gentle casting mousse is made of a non-toxic, seaweed-based material that is safe for even the most delicate new skins.

What’s the best age to have my baby’s hands or feet cast?

Any age you like. Our youngest so far is only 8 hours old! If you look at your baby’s feet/hands and find them irresistibly cute then it is the right time.

Am I eligible for a home casting visit?

We currently offer free home visits to customers in some areas in and around London and also around our casting locations . Visit our How It Works page for more details on home visits or you may wish to consider our casting kit option.

How long does a casting session take?

The total session takes around 30 - 45 minutes but the time that the baby’s hand or foot is in the casting mousse is only about 1 minute. Adult hand castings and family castings will take longer at around 60-90 minutes.

Why are the free-standing resin casts more expensive than the framed?

The price difference is counter intuitive but for the unframed feet there is an additional step in the process of making the casts. We make a silicone mould to ensure we get all the detail on the top as well as on the bottom of the cast. This mould is later sent to the customer for safe keeping – it acts as an insurance in case anything happens to the casts as exact copies can be made at a future date if needed. We don’t do this for framed casts as they are less likely to get lost or damaged once they are on a wall but we have had cases of toddlers posting loose casts into the bin!! We also pack more bronze into the unframed casts to give them extra weight. Silicones can be ordered at a small additional charge for the framed casts if required.

How do you make babies stay still during the casting process?

We don’t! We just make sure they’re comfortable and even if they are wriggly we get a good mould. The process is very quick and we have little tricks to help us take that mould successfully.

How do you remove his/her foot from the mould?

The casting mousse remains flexible even when it’s set; so, all that’s needed is one very gentle pull and your baby’s foot is free.

Is the process messy?

No. The foot or hand comes out of the mould clean and we have a gown to put over the lap of the person holding the baby to protect their clothes. For very small babies, and some very wriggly ones, a little casting mousse may go onto their clothes but it washes out.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express and also good old fashioned cash and cheques! We take full payment at the time of the casting. For casts over a total value of £500 we can take a 50% deposit and receive the second 50% prior to delivery.

How are the casts delivered?

If you are local to the workshop we may deliver them in person but mostly we use Royal Mail Special Delivery which guarantees delivery the following day by 1pm. You will receive a text from us the day before to notify you that the package is on its way. For heavier packages we may use a reputable courier company.

What if I am unhappy with my casts?

Tell us. We want you to be more than just happy with your casts so please tell us if something is wrong.

How can I care for my casts?

The casts require very little care and can simply be buffed to their original shine using a soft duster. A gentle metal polish may also be used – we recommend ‘peak’ metal polish which will not affect the colour. If required, a soft shoe brush or toothbrush can be used to get into the more difficult areas. Care should be taken not to scratch or overwork the surface. If in any doubt, please contact us directly.

Does the open frame remain clean?

The open frame is made of acrylic so is easy to clean – we recommend using a household window cleaner. Otherwise, just the usual dusting and clean that you would do with any of your other picture frames will suffice.

Can I have copies made?

Yes. With the real metals, glass and loose resin casts we make a silicone mould or plain resin copy that we give to you so that you can have copies made in the future if you so wish. The copies can be made from any of the materials we offer and are significantly cheaper than the original set. If you would like moulds made of the framed casts let us know in advance and for a small cost we can make these for you.

What are the strangest things you’ve ever been asked to cast?
  • Dumplings
  • A pheasant foot
  • A child’s clay model of her Dad.

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