A baby eating fruits in the garden

6 Food Myths Every Parent Tells

As a child, we’re sure you’ll remember your parents telling you some questionable facts about food to stop you from being so fussy. In your younger years you may not have wised up to the fact that these are absolute nonsense, and sometimes, these tales are carried long into adult life!

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  • A baby with a soft blanket

    Top Baby Names for 2018 & How to Choose Your Own

    Choosing a name for your little one is quite possibly one of the most difficult challenges as a new parent as it can seem like an incredibly important, life-defining decision. Just last week, the BabyCentre released the top 20 baby names for boys and for girls so far in 2018; the highly-anticipated list can be […]

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  • An example of one of our baby casts

    The Beauty of a Hand Cast

    Here at Image Casting, we spend a lot of time with the delicate hands of babies, and whether they are approaching their first birthday or are just a few weeks old; there’s something undeniably captivating about such tiny fingers and hands. We’ve decided to delve a little deeper into just what it is about a […]

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  • newborn baby

    7 Myths About Newborns, Debunked!

    Earlier this year, we revealed the truth behind several pregnancy myths to put the minds of expectant mothers at rest, namely that you need to re-home your cat upon hearing your happy news due to parasites (you don’t). This got us thinking about some of the myths surrounding newborns and what you should or shouldn’t […]

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  • A woman booking baby hand and feet casting on her iPhone

    A New App Could Help You to Decode Your Babies Cries

    Modern day technology never fails to surprise us with new innovations that can help (and sometimes hinder) all aspects of our lives. Whether you’re in search of the next social media platform or a tool to help you understand the plethora of sounds that come from your baby; there’s an app for almost everything these […]

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  • cheers

    How to organise meaningful last-minute father’s day gifts

    With the warm weather finally starting to settle in, you may have been too busy with BBQs, beach days and sun bathing in the garden to realise the date, and therefore the time – or lack of – you now have before Father’s Day on Sunday 17th  June. Do not despair, however, as here at […]

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  • Baby chewing letter toy

    The Ultimate Guide to Baby Firsts

    There are a plethora of milestones to celebrate from the moment you take your bundle of joy home from the hospital; from the first time your baby holds its head up for a few seconds by itself to when he or she takes their first steps – and everything in between! Here at Image Casting, […]

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  • baby feet

    7 Fascinating Facts About Newborns

    Welcoming a newborn is an exciting time for any family, but all-too-often it flies by in a whirlwind of nappies before anyone has time to appreciate it. It can also be quite a confusing period, particularly for first-time parents, as you watch your little bundle of joy grow at quite an alarming rate, observing various […]

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  • gender reveal

    The Rise of Gender Reveals and Creative Ideas for Your Own!

    Gender reveal parties and announcements are a relatively new idea, not least because of developments in technology. In the last six or seven years, the idea of revealing the gender of your unborn baby through a party, video announcement or some other creative form has steadily grown. Here at Image Casting, we thought we’d take […]

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  • Father and baby

    The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

    As much of the UK revels in tropical temperatures and celebrates the long-anticipated, late arrival of spring, there’s one date in the calendar that seems to be creeping ever closer. We are, of course, talking about Father’s Day, on the 17th June, and while you have a few weeks to organise something, it’s important not […]

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