Foundry Bronze

Our foundry bronzes - also known as real bronze or hot cast - make incredibly tactile and beautiful life-casts. Maybe it’s their elegance, their association with traditional sculpture or their durability that appeals, but whatever the reason behind choosing a foundry bronze casting, it will definitely be a talking point in your home and a wonderful way to cherish the memories that matter most to you, for many, many years.

To learn more about foundry bronze and the different patinas please visit our blog or contact us.

  • Home Casting Visit (see "What's Included")
  • Silicone moulds
  • UK Delivery
  • Discounts available for workshop casting visit
  • Lead Time:14-18 weeks (estimated)
Three casts of the same foot showing the sole but cast in different bronze finishes - highly polished, mid patina and traditional dark patina

Three Finishes

We offer three finishes for all our foundry bronze casts - traditional dark patina, medium patina and highly-polished. Each has its own unique beauty and it is purely a matter of taste as to which you prefer or that will best fit with your décor.

Cast can be engraved for that extra personal touch.

Close up detail of baby's fingers as it clasps dad index finger cast in traditional dark bronze

Holding Hands

A holding hands sculpture is a simple, truly unique and symbolic way of displaying the bond and affection between loved ones. Our foundry bronze casts will sit amongst your most cherished possessions: a beautiful and lasting keepsake for generations to come, made even more precious because of the memories they hold.

Bronze prices are based on the size and weight of the cast, so the following prices are for guidance only.

  • Parent and Baby £1475
  • Siblings £1050
  • Two adults £1750

Please contact us to discuss your holding hands cast in more detail and we can provide you with a quote.

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A single bronze baby foot engrave on the top sitting on a sand coloured cushion


If you feel that a real foundry bronze sculpture could be the perfect addition to your home, please contact us for more information. We’d be happy to give you further details regarding the casting process, the various options that are available and to provide a price. Prices are based on the size/weight of the cast so the following prices are for guidance only.

  • Single baby hand or foot (up to 6 months) £515
  • Pair of baby hands or feet (up to 6 months) £885
  • Single baby hand or foot (6 -12 months) £545
  • Pair of baby hands or feet (6 -12 months) £945
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