How to make memories with your children this summer

22nd July 2019

Do you remember how exciting it was to be a child at school waiting for the summer holidays to start? I don't think there are many things that measure up to that level of thrilling anticipation.

Whether you were going on a day out with your friends, or a trip away with your family, these were the times to create memories that would last a lifetime. I don't know about you, but I used to count down the days to the 6-week break!

For many parents, however, having the children home from school is a logistical nightmare -- what on earth can you do with them for 42 whole days at home?

These bloggers have shared their top tips for getting through the next month and a half -- so you can have fun with your kids and spend the summer days making precious memories that you'll treasure forever.
The best part is, they're all budget friendly and can be done in your own home!

Time in the garden is something magical:

With the beautiful weather we've been having lately, it's a great time to take advantage of not being tied down to the classroom. Playing in the garden is a great way to let kids explore their imaginations and get some fresh air at the same time.

Need some inspiration for activities?

  • Suzy from Our Bucket Lives says: We like to pitch a tent in the garden. Then we have special BBQ days, play days with outdoor games and sometimes we stay up on a clear night so we can look at the stars.

  • Lynn from Glasgow With Kids has this great idea: Put some bath toys in a big tub of water and freeze it. Then let them play with it as it's melting. Keeps mine occupied for ages, and it's great for warm days.

  • Victoria from The Growing Mum suggests: Outdoor chalk keeps my little ones amused for a long time. It does get tricky to find space over time if the rain hasn't washed it away.

  • Ben from Wood Create says: We love to do a treasure hunt with easy clues for the kids to find. They love to make their own too which keeps them entertained for hours.

Being kind rocks:

Did you know there are Facebook groups that have been set up to encourage people to take part in massive games of hide and seek with painted rocks? It's a lovely way to bring the community together, and -- of course -- a fun activity to keep the little ones occupied too!

Erin from Yorkshire Tots loves this idea: Make kindness rocks to hide around your home and in parks.

And she's backed by Jenny from The Gingerbread House We decorate and hide painted rocks.

Rain doesn't have to stop play:

Of course, we aren't going to take it for granted that the British weather will remain dry for the whole six-weeks, so what about some ideas for things to do on a rainy day?

Here are some tips for indoor activities.

  • Beth from [Twinderelmo](file:///C:/Users/aliso/Google%20Drive/IMAGE%20CASTING/ says: Head to the library. They often run reading challenges across the summer to encourage your kids to read. They often get little goodies for completing along with a certificate, and best of all it's completely free!
  • Natasha from [Mummy and Moose](file:///C:/Users/aliso/Google%20Drive/IMAGE%20CASTING/ has this great tip: We always have a cupcake kit in the cupboard. It never fails to entertain the young ones and when they are finished, you have cake!
  • Add Janice from Jan's Family Notebook says: My children love to have a day playing board games if the weather isn't nice enough to be outside.

Craftiness is happiness:

Here at Image Casting, we love to see children experimenting with art and letting their imagination run wild with crafts.

Check out these ideas below for other things you can try:

  • Victoria from Travel Vixta says: I save up lots of clean and safe recycling like foil, toilet rolls and plastic punnets in a big box, then let the kids go wild 'junk modelling' with glue, paints and other crafty bits!
  • Lynne from New Mummy Blog: has this great suggestion: Paint with water.... No mess and they can go as wild as they like! We also love jigsaws so try to work that into the week, along with a few new crafts. Sticker mosaics were fun!
  • Jaymee from The Mum Diaries suggests this old faithful: We love making playdough! It's so easy to make and then once made they can play with it!

Making Precious Memories

These are all fantastic ways to make precious memories for you and your children to cherish... but how can you put those somewhere safe so they can be treasured forever? Here's some final ideas for your summer plans -- including one from me!

  • Cerys from Travelled So Far suggests you can: Actually print and put in albums photos from our travels so they aren't just on a computer or Facebook. The whole family gets involved and then afterwards we can look through them and remember.

  • Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures has a similar idea: Make a** scrapbook** of all the things you do this summer.

And the idea from me...

Why not order an Image Casting Casting Kit? It's the first step towards owning a beautiful cast and a chance for the whole family to be involved in the process of making it.

You can take the moulds of the hands or feet yourself in the comfort of your own home when your baby is relaxed -- or has their older siblings around to keep them calm.

Alternatively, if you live in the catchment area, I can make a visit to your home or you could have a trip out to my Battersea workshop if you're local. Imagine getting all the kids to help make a beautiful holding hands cast like this one which included three little ones! And then head off to Battersea park and have a go at some crazy golf!

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