Baby Hand and Foot Casting

7th October 2021

Whenever I am asked what I do for a living, baby life casting always produces a raised eyebrow and a ‘What is that? I’ve never heard of that before’.

Although baby life casting – sometimes known as 3D casting or 3D casts - is a growing area, and has seen an increase in companies offering casting services, it is still not that well known: So what is life casting?

Life casting is the art of replicating the body or parts of the body in 3D form, without the vast expense of hiring a sculptor.  A mould is taken, using either a sea-weed based paste or plaster bandage, of the part of the body you want cast.

Moulds taken directly from the body are exact replicas, picking up every little line, wrinkle and texture in amazing detail. These moulds are then turned into beautiful sculptures using a variety of materials. Life casting has been around for thousands of years. There are records of the ancient Egyptians using life casting to create perfectly shaped sarcophagi for the bodies being interned. In more recent times, life casting has been used by the medical profession to create artificial limbs – shaped to perfectly fit the patient, and life casting is widely used in the film and TV industries for creating prosthetic make-up.

So it was only a matter of time before this technique would begin to be used and adapted for creating treasured casts of loved ones.

Image Casting was founded back in 1998, after receiving many requests from mothers desperate to capture the smallness of their baby’s hands and feet before they grew and the memories of how tiny they once were faded. Over the years, Image Casting have become experts in baby hand and baby feet casting in London, and are one of only a handful of companies in the UK that use the cold cast technique to create solid, hard wearing and incredibly long lasting baby casts.

Cold casting is a technique of casting real metal without the expense of a foundry. Metals, such as bronze, aluminium and copper are ground up to create a very fine powder which is then mixed into a resin and poured into the mould. The resultant casts are then buffed and polished to reveal the beautiful metal underneath.  This type of material is incredibly strong and will not break easily, unlike the fragile plaster casts that are offered elsewhere, which if dropped on a hard surface will often break in two.

For over two decades, we have perfected the art of taking baby’s hand and feet casts and know little tricks and tips for getting the best mould we can. We not only create baby casts, we can cast adults, children and families too.

We offer a wide choice of materials to suit everybody and our home casting visits and delivery of your precious casts are included in the price.

If you want to learn more about baby hand and baby feet casts or are interested in getting a cast of your baby’s hands and feet, contact us on 07522245407 or send an email to and we will be happy to talk through everything baby casts related!

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