The Beauty of Resin Casts

12th September 2018

If you are looking to capture the wondrous memories of your new-born baby, a baby hand cast or foot cast is a great way of preserving those precious first moments.

When it comes to casting materials, a cold cast (aka resin) is unique due to the high level of detail it retains and because the casts can be framed and freestanding unlike plaster and real metals.

A resin cast is the most detailed way of preserving all of these precious first moments. A baby hand cast or baby foot cast created in resin can safeguard every detail: every tiny wrinkle of new-born skin, every little fingernail and every nuance of your baby’s hand or foot can be captured, meaning that you’ll be able to delight over those perfect miniature hands and feet forever more.

Those first few weeks of a baby’s life often go by in a whirlwind of visits from family and friends, amidst feelings of pride and joy and in a haze of love.  Before you know it, your babe-in-arms is a toddler, and shortly after that, you are waving them off to their first day at school.

How can you possibly capture the moments when their tiny toes fit into the smallest of shoes, and their little fist is only big enough to wrap around one of your fingers?

Here is a summary of why we champion resin as our casting material of choice:

1. Attention to detail


The beauty of a baby hand cast or baby foot cast lies in the fact that you have every fine detail of baby’s tiny fingers and toes preserved forever, and resin is the very material that makes this possible. Although it can be tempting to plump for other types of baby casts, which use materials such as plaster and stone, you simply won’t get the same level of highly detailed results as they are often covered with gold or bronze paint, which sadly loses that all important detail.

The reason resin works so well at retaining all the contrast of the wrinkles and folds is that metal powder runs right through the cast and it is the expert skill applied at the polishing and finishing stages that ensures the detail is kept.

2.    Resilience


Taking a baby foot cast enables you to reflect on those memories forever, and a resin cast is strong enough to enable you to do this whether it is a framed or unframed cast. Resin is an extremely robust material which will not break easily, whereas plaster and stone casts can be subject to chips and breakages over time.

Bronze or silver finished resins can be cared for using a soft duster to maintain the original shine, and a gentle metal polish can also be used, meaning that your baby keepsakes will stay looking their best for a long time to come.

3.    Aesthetics


The finish of bronze or silver effect in resin is aesthetically beautiful, with a metallic look and a gentle patina. Real metallic powder is used in the casting to create the look and feel of bronze. It has a weighty feel to it, and can therefore be displayed unframed as well as framed which is a unique feature.

Freestanding casts are tactile, so every time you want to explore your baby’s first weeks again, or share them with your loved ones, you can. Real metals are of course incredibly durable but on occasion some detail can be lost due to the casting process. And of course resin provides a much more cost effective option over real metal.

If a framed baby keepsake is your preference, then resin offers the advantage over real metals which can be too heavy and solid to frame.

A baby foot cast or baby hand cast created using resin will leave you reliving that precious time in any parent’s life: forever. For more information about Image Casting’s baby foot casts and hand casts crafted in resin, please get in touch or take a look around our website.

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