Sterling Silver Casts

Sterling Silver Baby Casts

Sterling silver is the more expensive of the casts we offer but there is something indescribably special about sterling silver casts of your little one. Maybe it is the purity of the material, the clean look, the shine. Or the feeling that you are holding something of value – small but heavy, detailed and tactile. A lasting reminder of a special point in time.

The casts are made from 925 sterling silver and are all hall-marked.

Price varies depending on the size of the cast and the price of sterling silver at the time of casting. They start from £920 for a single cast and £1,650 for a pair. Please contact us for a quote.

Our prices are all inclusive and include:

  • A home casting session if you are within our catchment areas. Alternatively you can visit us in Battersea and Leeds and receive 10% discount.
  • Moulds of your casts for you to keep which act as an insurance. Copies can be made should anything happen to your original casts.
  • Your choice of a slate or cushion to display your casts on.
  • Hallmarking
  • Safe delivery of your casts.

Engraving is not included in the price but can be arranged

Taking the moulds is the same as for our resin casts (see how it works) but creating a sterling silver baby hand cast or baby foot cast requires a specialist process:

  • First, a perfect wax replica of the mould is made.
  • A specialist foundry creates the base cast by pouring molten silver into the casts created from the wax.
  • Finishing the cast needs an expert chaser to maximise the detail of the cast and polish it to a high standard.
  • The total process is highly skilled from start to finish, and can take up to 12 weeks to complete.