Miniature Casts

Perfect miniature replicas of your little ones hands and feet.

Beautifully hand-crafted, these miniatures can be worn as jewellery – such as a pendant or charm for a bracelet – made into a key-ring, or how about bespoke cufflinks for the man who is impossible to buy for?

Whatever you choose you can be assured your charm will be a talking point and will become one of your most treasured possessions.

Creating your Miniature

  • If you have an existing cast or silicone mould, simply contact us and we will discuss the options with you before you send the cast or silicone to our workshop. Email
  • If we need to take a mould, we’ll arrange a casting visit (see how it works) or send you a Casting Kit. The cost of taking the moulds and creating a life-size cast is approx. £75 per pair of casts but this will be confirmed.
  • If you are also having life size casts made there is no additional casting cost for the miniature.
  • Once we have a life size cast we can create the miniature.
  • The prices below are a sample of what we offer and exclude any casting fees to take the moulds.
  • The charms are available in sterling silver, bronze, 9ct and 18ct gold (yellow, rose and white) and platinum.
Example Prices Sterling Silver 9ct Yellow or Rose Gold
Single Charm £350 £700
Pair of Charms £595 £1,330
Copy of a single charm £175 £560
Key ring single charm(30mm) £450 £poa
Key ring — Holding Hands £550 £poa
Cufflinks £650 £poa
Holding Hands charm £450-£550 £poa
Copy of Holding Hands charm £275 £poa

Prices quoted are for Small charms of approx 15mm unless otherwise stated. We also offer our Standard size which is 20mm.

We can make your charm any size you wish – please let us know the approximate size and material you would like and we can send you a quote. We offer other materials so if you have an idea in mind contact us to discuss it.