Baby Casting Kit

Mum and baby with foot in cast2Make Treasured Memories Last a Lifetime with a Baby Casting Kit

Babies grow at a speed that is hard to believe. Tiny curled up feet and hands are quickly transformed into curious fingers and travelling toes in just a few short months. Capturing these precious moments, before those small hands and feet are almost unrecognisable, is made possible with a baby foot or hand cast.

A baby hand cast or foot cast brings the unique opportunity to create a beautiful and original cast of your baby’s hands or feet in these precious months. A resin cast will last a lifetime and will fascinate children, parents and grandparents alike for many years to come.

Give the Gift of Treasured Memories with a Baby Casting Kit

A baby casting kit is also ideal for those who wish to take advantage of our service but live outside our home visit area of Greater London or who can’t make it to one of our casting venues in London.

Finding the perfect gift for new parents can be a real challenge. You want to give something with meaning, that is unique and that will last. A baby casting kit from Image Casting makes it possible for you to give the gift of a baby foot cast so that mum or dad can create the mould themselves when they choose.

DC3_4693What is a Baby Casting Kit?

A baby casting kit consists of everything needed to take a mould of baby’s hands or feet. It is suitable for babies up to around 6 months old – or for a foot up to 9cms. Once the mould is taken, it is sent back to our workshop so that your beautifully polished, wonderfully detailed casts can be created. You choose your finish – silver or bronze – and decide whether you’d like the cast framed or free standing. We’ll personalise it for you and deliver the finished cast back to you within 3-4 weeks.

Give the Perfect Gift with a Baby Casting Kit

For more information about Image Casting’s baby casting kit please browse our website or get in touch for personal, friendly advice.