Baby Casts – Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Lily Silver Feet

Capture the memories … preserve them for a lifetime

Tiny curled up feet and hands are transformed into curious fingers and travelling toes in just a matter of months. At Image Casting, we create perfect casts of your baby’s unique hands and feet, capturing each tiny line and little nail.

Cast in silver or bronze resin, real bronze, sterling silver or glass, the baby hand casts and baby foot casts can be free-standing or the resin casts can be framed. However they are displayed, they are certain to provide parents, grandparents and children with warming memories of a precious time – the perfect baby keepsake.

Holding Hands Parents and Child CastCherish the magical bond between siblings or a parent & child

Our exquisite Holding Hands sculptures bring a lifetime of wonder and joy. Free-standing and wonderfully detailed, they capture every fine characteristic and will be a treasured and priceless addition to any home.

Where we cast

Where possible we come to you to take the casts which can be a huge help when juggling the demands of a young baby. We offer this service in Reading, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Slough, Windsor and the surrounding areas in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. If you fall outside the catchment area we still may be able to offer a home visit, but will make a small charge for the extra travel and time. Enter your details on our enquiry form, or email, for a quote. Don’t forget to include your postcode.

How it Works

We come to your home at no additional cost. A casting session lasts around 30 minutes and requires no preparation on your part. We bring a full range of samples so you can even decide what you’d like on the day. Using a gentle casting mousse that is kind to newborn skin we take a mould of your baby’s hands or feet in a process that takes a couple of minutes and captures even the wriggliest of toes. The mould is taken to our workshop where it is transformed into a beautiful cast, polished and presented in a handmade frame of your choice with your chosen personalisation. If you opt for a free-standing cast, your baby’s name and age can be engraved on the cast. All cast details and a deposit payment are taken during the casting session and delivery takes 4 – 6 weeks for resin casts; up to 12 weeks for real bronze, sterling silver, glass and miniatures.

Gift a unique & priceless baby keepsake

Baby Casting Gift VoucherWhether you are a grandparent, friend or employer, choosing an individual baby keepsake to celebrate the arrival of a new baby can be a challenge. A baby foot cast or baby hand cast from Image Casting is truly unique and will provide proud parents – or grandparents – with a lifetime of joy. Our gift vouchers allow Mum or Dad to arrange a home visit at a time of their choosing. Our stunning Holding Hands sculptures make a priceless Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift and will take top place amongst the most precious of possessions.

Yvette – casting in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Yvette pic (2)

As babies grow so quickly we were looking for something special as a baby keepsake. After extensive research on the internet we visited The Baby Show in London where there was a huge variety of items available but nothing came close until we met Alison, the owner of Image Casting.  We were so impressed with the quality and professionalism that we decided we wanted Alison to cast our baby’s hand and foot. The result was so impressive that we have managed to preserve that precious moment not only for us but also the grandparents and our child in years to come. After the birth of our second child we are now the proud owners of a second set.

Having worked in London for the last 16 years in the Computer industry, I have gained a wide variety of experience and I now manage a small team providing storage solutions to one of my company’s biggest clients.  While on maternity leave, together with my partner, we built up and now run the largest franchise of the “Baby & Children’s Market” in the south, running many events across Berkshire. With the success of these events we feel that the two spheres complement each other and we are so pleased that we are now able to offer such an excellent product in conjunction with Image Casting across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.