Holding Hands Sculptures

Holding Hand Casts

The act of holding hands spans every generation as a sign of love and deep connection which may be why our holding hands casts evoke such an emotional response when they are received.

Whether it is between a couple, parent and child or siblings, the act of linking hands creates a unique bond that is truly something special.

What is more heart-warming than siblings holding hands?

Cold Casts

Siblings holding hands in cold cast aluminium


The caring older brother protecting his little sister; the two brothers embraced rather than making fists in play fights; the sisters who will be “best friends forever”.

The reward of giving such a special gift is seeing mum or dad’s face light up when they realise it’s not just a sculpture of some hands….it is their children’s hands. It takes it to a whole new emotional level. The piece is extremely tactile and you see every little detail of the hands, reflecting the children’s personality. A perfect gift for those special occasions of significant birthdays and anniversaries.


With a new-born baby, parents want to hold on to every precious moment.

There is an overwhelming need to protect your child that you never lose however old they are. Embracing that tiny hand in yours, or seeing your little one clasping your finger will evoke a feeling of love every time you touch and really look at the cast.

Couples hold hands as a display of their relationship and closeness. It creates a sense of belonging and love.

If you are unsure what to give as a wedding gift or for an engagement, a holding hands cast makes an extraordinarily special gift that symbolises the love between a couple. The bespoke sculpture preserves the engagement ring and wedding bands and all that they represent as well, making for a personal and creative wedding gift.

All our holding hand casts capture a special moment in time and can be made in bronze resin or silver (aluminium) resin, real bronze, sterling silver and glass. The taking of the mould can be in the comfort of your own home (home casting visit details) or you can visit us at our workshop in Battersea .

Cold cast adults holding hands


We can also create MINIATURE CHARMS of your cast to make a stunning pendant, bracelet, cufflinks or key ring.

Prices start from £425 for bronze resin casts of siblings holding hands.

  • 2 Siblings Holding Hands (under 8 years old) – £425
  • 2 Siblings Holding Hands (1 or more aged 8-16 years old) – £450
  • 2 Siblings Holding Hands (over 8 years old) or 3 younger siblings – £500
  • Adult and baby Holding Hands – £500
  • 2 Adults Holding Hands – £575
  • 2 Adults and baby Holding Hands – £575
  • 2 Adults and 1-3 children – £730


A holding hands sculpture is a simple, truly unique and symbolic way of displaying a bond and affection towards loved ones.

A truly special keepsake that will be treasured forever.