Valentine’s Day

9th February 2022

To some, Valentine’s Day is just another day - albeit one that is worth over 1.3 billion pounds! To others it’s a day to celebrate love. But just what do people get up to on February the 14th? Since Image Casting is all about love and capturing those special moments that mean so much, we thought we would scour the internet on your behalf to find out what it is that people do on Valentine’s Day. You might be surprised at what you learn and it might even give you some ideas for your own celebration.

Romantic Meal

Not unexpectedly, a romantic meal for two was top of the list. And now that we are -hopefully - out the other end of Covid restrictions, a meal out could be just the tonic we all need. And who couldn’t do with a break from the kids? As much as we love them, it is important to take time out for each other too. And if you don’t have children, well what could be a better excuse to go to that new restaurant you’ve had your eye on, than the 14th?

Learning Together

If you want to be a little bit more adventurous with your day, how about learning a new skill? Classes such as pottery (we’ll leave the Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore scenario up to you) or painting could be the start of a life-long passion that you didn’t know you had. Feeling a bit more athletic? How about learning to ride a horse or roller-skate or shoot arrows together? It could be the beginning of a hobby that becomes a way to de-stress from life’s pressures; but more importantly, it would be something that’s just for the two of you.

Personal Gifts

When you think of Valentine gifts, you most likely think of rings or necklaces - even those little stuffed bears with hearts on the front! Which are, in themselves, wonderful gifts to receive but they don’t exactly scream unique. Well at Image Casting, we are all about the unique and the personal and what could be more so than a stunning holding hands cast of you and your loved one. With a variety of different materials on offer, from the purity of Sterling Silver to beautiful lead crystal glass and cold cast bronze, we are sure you will find the perfect finish for something that will be become a much cherished keepsake.


Do you remember getting a playlist made for you by your first boyfriend or girlfriend? The excitement as you opened the cassette (for those under 40 - CD cover!), reading the carefully curated playlist and, if you were lucky, a hand-drawn cover as well. How about creating a playlist for your loved one? It could have the first song you danced to at your wedding, or the first song you had a cheeky smooch to at the end of your first date. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be received with just as much enthusiasm and love, if not more so, than any playlist given before.

Treasure Hunting

Now, bear with me on this. I know it sounds like a lot of effort, but it will be worth it when you see the excitement begin to take hold as your partner not only succeeds in solving puzzles but finds little gifts along the way! I used to love following the clues my mum would put around the house at Easter, gathering them all up until I finally got to the treasure! You could leave little gifts as each clue is solved, like a box of chocolates or a miniature bottle of wine, or wait until they reach the end of the trail for a truly fabulous gift. You can even rope in the kids to help set the trail…

The Great Outdoors

If you are feeling very adventurous, a perfect Valentine’s Day hike in the countryside or zip lining down a valley in Wales could be just the thing you both need. Even a day sightseeing in your home town, going to all the touristy places, could be just as good if you can’t quite get a weekend away.


What could be better than your other half taking the kids off your hands for the day, allowing you some much needed ‘me-time’? Whether that’s a mini spa in the comfort of your own home or a night out with the girls - or boys!

Whatever you choose, we are sure it will be filled with love. If you are interested in a holding hands sculpture - maybe as that luxury treasure hunt prize ☺ - then why not get in touch to find out more? We can create a gift card unique to you, to add that extra special touch, as well.

Happy Valentines!

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