How to choose a casting material that’s right for you

1st April 2019

When it comes to casting, and the material you choose to create your sculpture, there is no right or wrong answer. Each brings a different aesthetic and is something very personal . Here at Image Casting, we’ve decided to make it a little easier for those of you struggling to decide on what material would be best for you. Below you will find some thoughts about three of our main materials: real bronze, sterling silver and glass.

Real Bronze

A 3D baby hand or foot cast made from bronze is the perfect way to capture the true likeness of every fold, crease and line and provides you with a physical keepsake of how tiny they once were. The benefits of opting for bronze are plentiful, but first and foremost, its durability makes it an attractive option for many. Naturally, young children will be intrigued by the life-like sculptures, particularly if it’s a model of their own foot! Let their little fingers explore the cast to their heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that even if it’s dropped on a solid floor, it won’t break. This is a great advantage, as many like their children to be able to engage with casts, giving them a sound understanding of growth, meaning and memory from an early age.

The casts can then be finished and personalised however you see fit, in traditional dark patina, medium patina or highly polished. These casts look good both displayed on a slate base, or on a cushion, and make a fabulous addition to any child-friendly home.

Sterling Silver

There’s something oh so desirable about using sterling silver as a cast of your little ones feet, and the end product is an indescribably special keepsake you can treasure forever. The material is pure, clean and shiny, and the quality is incomparable. The heavy, detailed and tactile cast is a lasting reminder of such a special point in your life, making it high in both sentiment and financial value. Our sterling silver casts here at Image Casting are made from 925 sterling silver, and all are appropriately hall-marked for authenticity.

Sterling silver casts are a desirable option for capturing tiny feet and for notably special occasions like a christening gift . The detailing of both hands and feet are remarkable, and you are left with a highly-valued keepsake that can be passed down the generations for years to come.


For a slightly more emotional and beautiful effect, opt for a glass baby foot or hand cast. The light will catch the cast throughout the day, and the finished product will likely take pride of place within the family home. A finished glass cast is something your children will grow to value more and more as they age, and is rare in that respect. The delicacy of the glass only adds to this value, and children will be brought up with a certain degree of respect for objects that are high in both value and sentiment. The glass casts on offer at Image Casting are hand made by experts in the field and we work together to ensure the end product is everything the customer thought it would be and more.

The most popular of our glass cast range is clear glass, both as freestanding casts or in glass blocks. That said, we love to accommodate our fantastic customers, so we will strive to deliver any requests or ideas that you may have. Many like the simplicity and transparency of the glass and are captivated looking through the cast revealing the creases and detail of the baby’s foot or hand. As with our metal casts, we can arrange for the glass casts to be engraved.

Whichever material you decide for your baby’s hand or feet casts, we’re sure you’ll be left with a fabulous baby cast that the whole family can treasure forever. Casts are often the gift that keeps on giving, as grown up children appreciate how much the cast means to the family, and opt for comparison casts when they have their own children.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find yourself still struggling to decide on which material to choose or if you have any questions surrounding the nature of the casts. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the material that’s right for you and your priorities, and will endeavour to help in any which way we can in terms of personal considerations.

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