Baby Keepsakes

Baby keepsakes - framed baby feet cast in sterling silver Cherishing New Born Memories with Baby Keepsakes

The time spent with a new baby goes faster than you might think and in a few short weeks tiny, chubby hands and feet grow quickly, almost before your very eyes. These first weeks and months with a new born are precious and it’s at this time that baby keepsakes that capture those precious moments hold such a special meaning.

Baby Keepsakes to Last a Lifetime

Photographs or imprints naturally capture a moment in time, but a three dimensional wonderfully detailed cast of your baby’s tiny feet or hands also serves as a tactile, solid memory that will last a lifetime.

Image Casting’s silver and bronze resin hand and foot casts make unique baby keepsakes that can be mounted and framed for display complete with personalisation. They can also be engraved and left naturally free standing. Resin is our material of choice as it allows us to capture each and every facet of baby’s tiny fingers and toes in the most astounding detail.

Creating a Bespoke Baby Keepsake

It couldn’t be easier to create one of these adorable baby keepsakes. The cast is taken using a gentle casting mousse that is kind to newborn skin, and only takes a moment.

If you live in Greater London or Edinburgh our friendly team offer a home casting service.  Contact us if you live outside these areas but would like a home casting service and we’ll endeavour to accommodate you at an additional cost. Alternatively you can visit one of our casting venues in London or our workshop in Battersea to have your mould taken.

Casting gift vouchers available from Image CastingAnother option, and one that proves popular as a special occasion gift, is to purchase an easy to use casting kit so that mum or you can take the mould of baby’s hands or feet yourselves. Rest assured that’s the only part you’ll need to do, and it really is a simple process. The mould is returned to us so that we can create the cast for you and finish it with the personalisation and display of your choice.

At the workshop, the moulds are filled with resin and left to set. Then comes the artistic step: any air bubbles are skilfully removed and the cast is then buffed and polished to reveal each crease, line and indentation that’s unique to each baby or child.

Cherish the Moment with a Truly Individual Baby Keepsake

To find out more about creating your own individual baby keepsake browse our website or get in touch for friendly, tailored advice.