Baby Hand Cast

Bronze cast of baby and mother holding hands from Image CastingCapture the Wonder with a Baby Hand Cast

A baby’s hands change very quickly as they grow, almost by the day. In a few short months it can be almost impossible to recall how they were when they were new born and how you lovingly held those tiny, chubby hands in yours. A baby hand cast creates a perfectly cast replica of a baby’s hands, capturing each fold of skin, tiny line, shape and size.

A baby hand casting from Image Casting takes just moments to prepare but with a striking cast set in polished silver or bronze resin, the results will bring a lifetime of memories.

Cherish Tiny Hands with a Baby Hand Cast

Whether you are a new parent looking for a unique way of cherishing the memory of your new born baby, or you are seeking out a truly original gift to commemorate a new arrival, a baby hand cast is the perfect answer.

An Image Casting baby hand cast creates wonderfully detailed 3D replica of a baby’s hands, picking out every detail from tiny nails to faint lines on palms and fingers, capturing character and sealing a precious memory. Mum can get involved too; a cast of baby’s hand held in hers makes a cherished keepsake.

Create Beautiful Memories with a Baby Hand Cast

Baby casting kits available from Image CastingIf you live in the Greater London area  you can take advantage of our home casting service where we’ll visit you to take the mould for your baby hand cast in the comfort of your own home. If you’re interested in this service but live outside these areas then please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you for an extra charge.

Alternatively, a baby hand cast kit can be used at home with ease and contains everything you need to take the mould yourself before sending it off to our workshop for the cast to be professionally crafted. After polishing to perfection, the resin cast is ready to be framed in a choice of frames and personalised. It can also be engraved and left freestanding.

If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, then a baby hand cast kit or an Image Casting gift voucher make perfect solutions.

For more information about Image Casting’s baby hand cast service, please browse our website or get in touch for personal, friendly advice.