Baby Foot Cast

Capture Those Special New Born Moments with a Baby Foot Cast

Time flies quickly following the birth of a new born baby and tiny toes grow remarkably fast. While photographs are perfect for capturing all those special moments in our lives, a baby foot and hand cast offers a unique and tactile memory and reminder of new born months.

An Image Casting baby foot cast is a true 3D likeness of your baby’s hands and feet that reveals all the tiny folds, creases and lines that, as a baby grows, change so rapidly. Our cold cast metals are strong enough to be freestanding and light enough to be framed. Whichever way you decide to display your casts, they are sure to be a talking point for years to come and grow even more precious with time.

Gift vouchers available from Image CastingCold Cast Metals 

Cold Casting is a technique of casting metal which doesn’t require a expensive foundry.

Real metals such as bronze aluminium and copper are ground down into a fine powder which is then blended with a hard and robust resin, resulting in an extremely strong and enduring life-cast. The resultant casts are worked on and polished to reveal every little line and wrinkle, all of which are enriched by the elegance and beauty of the metal and, unlike hot castings which are created in a foundry, we produce all our cold casts in-house.

Baby foot casts: Moments to Make….For a Lifetime of Memories

Choosing an individual gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby can be a challenge. A baby foot cast from Image Casting is one of the most original gifts you can give and it’s so easy to do with one of our baby casting kits or an Image Casting gift voucher so that mum or dad can take baby’s mould themselves, or arrange a home or workshop casting at a time of their choosing.

Bronze baby feet castings resting on a cushion from Image CastingBespoke Baby Foot Cast Service

Image Casting offers a home baby foot casting service in Greater London.  Our friendly staff use a gentle mousse to make a mould of baby’s feet in a process that takes less than a moment. The mould is then taken back to our workshop where it is transformed into a perfect cast, polished and presented in the frame of your choice with your chosen personalisation. If you wish, you can opt for a freestanding baby foot cast, engraved with baby’s name and the age at which the cast was taken.

If you live outside London please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate you for an extra charge. Our home baby foot cast kit provides an easy alternative to our home casting service. Simply make the mould using the tools and materials included in the set kit then send it to us to do the rest.

If you’d like more information about Image Casting’s unique baby foot cast please browse our website or get in touch for friendly and informative advice.