5 Items to Put in Your Child’s Memory Box

A memory box is a perfect place to store sentimental items that you want to treasure, allowing your little one to remember or learn about some of their earliest moments. From their very first days to losing their first tooth, placing some special items to commemorate these big moments provides beautiful memories and a sense of nostalgia for both you and your child. A memory box can also serve as a great gift for your child when they leave home or get married, and may even start a family tradition, with them creating a special box for their children in the future! We take a look at some of the things you must include in a memory box.

Hospital Band and Scans

The best place to start is at the beginning, so why not add in some of the first mementoes you got of your child. Obviously, your child was not present to see their sonograms, and won’t remember their time after birth, so they may be intrigued to see some of the earlier memories you have of them. Add in a couple of scans and the hospital band that is used to identify them after they have been born, as this will reveal some interesting details of their first days – and just how tiny their wrists or ankles were as a newborn!

First Teeth and Lock of Hair

A commonly given Christening gift is little pots for storing your little one’s first teeth or lock of hair from their first haircut. It makes sense, therefore, that putting such items in a memory box will make an interesting addition to rediscover when your child opens their box in future – especially when they see how much their hair colour has changed!



Of course, in today’s world of instant photography from phones, getting photos printed out is less common than it used to be. But make sure you get a couple of the best ones from stand-out moments in your child’s life as a physical copy for their memory box, so that they can look back with fond memories of their times with family and friends on holidays or their first day of school.


From first birthdays to christenings, and even first days at school, you are likely to collect a few cards from family and friends with sweet messages of love and support that you would love to keep for your child to read as they grow older. Of course, if you kept every card your little one was given over the years, the box would soon be filled, so be selective with ones you keep, prioritising ones with sentimental meaning over ones with a quick ‘happy birthday’ scrawled inside!


baby hand casts

A Beautiful Hand Cast

While other treasures can be kept in the box, our gorgeous hand casts are the perfect way to create memories, and should be displayed pride of place in the family home. Getting a beautiful baby hand casting will allow you to remember, and show your child, just how tiny they were as a newborn. The first year of your baby’s life will see them grow so much that the tiny little fingers on their newborn’s hands will be almost unrecognisable 12 months down the line,so make sure that you cherish the memory of your new arrival by capturing every line, crease and detail in an expertly crafted cast.


While this is a great addition for a memory box, our casts are made to be displayed, so why not proudly show off the cast on a shelf, or in a frame, until the time comes to present your child with their memory box. Then the cast can be passed down as a lovely childhood memory, or copied, so that everyone in the family can share this wonderful memory.


If you’re looking to make memories of your child’s early years, get in touch for more information on our stunning casts, which can be personalised for the perfect gift or addition to a memory box. Our bronze andaluminium resin casts are created at our Battersea workshop, using the finest bronze and aluminium metal powders. We can take the moulds of your baby either in the comfort of your own home if you are within one of our catchment areas or in the Battersea studio, where you will receive a 10% discount.