What Should Your Grandparent Name Be?

For some grandparents to be, the choice of what name to adopt in the role of grandparent is easy to decide, especially if you have gone down the traditional route of grandma and grandpa or nan and grandad. For others, the decision can prove quite difficult, as this is a name you will be known by for the rest of your life!

There are a few things to consider when choosing your grandparent name as well. Firstly, you have got to consider what names are easy for little ones to say when they start to talk. As this is a name primarily for small children to refer to you by, it is quite important that they will actually be able to say the name!

You also have to consider whether you want to stick to something a little more traditional sounding or go for a name that’s completely ‘out-there’! Think about whether you’ll be sad to miss out on things like a ‘World’s Best Grandma’ mug because ‘World’s Best Mommoo’ wasn’t an option.


Finally, while grandparents-to-be are often left to choose their own name, you have to be thoughtful of the wishes of the new mother, and the other grandparents, as having two grandmothers called ‘Granny’ may be confusing for the child. Some new mums have also reported being unhappy about the name their parents, or parents-in-law have chosen, with one mum stating that their partner’s mother had decided she wanted to be known as ‘Mommy’!

Names Around the World

Looking to other countries can be a great source of inspiration for picking your grandparent name. Some sound beautiful, whereas others prove a little easier for toddlers to say, like the Ukrainian ‘Baba and Gigi’ – sounds that already come fairly naturally to most little ones!

If you’re a grandparent with a unique name, reach out on social media and let us know what you’re known as! Expecting a new addition to the family? Commemorate the new arrival with a stunning cast of the newborn’s little toes, with the help of our baby feet casting kit which can be done at home!