What to Buy For a New Baby

If someone you know and love is soon to be giving birth to a beautiful new baby, chances are, you’ve already spent a little time racking your brains on what to get for them as the perfect gift. When it comes to buying baby gifts, there are generally two options, something practical or something pretty. If you know the soon-to-be parent well then you can ask if there are any practical gifts they would like, or you can get creative and gift them a surprise. Either way, we’ve put together a list of seven things that you could buy for a newborn baby to give you a little inspiration!

A sleeping baby with a rabbit toy

1. Newborn’s First Hamper

Fill a beautiful hamper with a selection of baby essentials such as nappies, baby grows, blankets, a photo album and maybe a treat or two for the parents to give a beautifully unique (and handy) gift. The basket can then be re-used to store any baby toys, clothes or memories, and the items hidden inside will certainly come in handy!

2. A Baby Cast

A baby cast is the perfect bespoke gift as the mould can be created from the comfort of their own home at their own convenience, and the final casts sent to the recipient. The gifts that can then be created from the moulds are beautifully unique and will be a keepsake that is treasured forever. The parents can opt for real bronze, silver, glass or bronze or silver resin and create an array of stunning keepsakes, from life size casts of the tiny hand and feet to holding hands or beautiful little miniature baby feet pendants! We offer gift vouchers to make this process a little easier too.

3. Bedroom Artwork

A baby’s nursery is a calm and serene space and should be decorated accordingly. Over the last few years, personalised artworks have become increasingly popular, with beautifully illustrated name pieces, cute baby footprint paintings and a range of other creative ideas. You could opt to commission a piece to be made, make it yourself or create a little kit for the parents to do themselves at a suitable time. For example, this could include some skin-friendly paint, a frame, a piece of card and a gel pen to write the babies name and date of birth on!

4. Audiobooks

Many adults listen to audiobooks at bedtime to help send them off into a soothing slumber, and this can also be the case for babies and young children. Opt for stories that are short and sweet, or possibly a collection of nursery rhymes, or purchase a gift voucher for an online service to make it as simple as possible. If you can help out a new parent by providing something that could give them more uninterrupted sleep, we’re sure that they’ll be eternally grateful!

5. Personalised Blankets

A personalised blanket is a practical and pretty gift that will stay with them for many years to come. Unlike baby clothes, the little ones don’t grow out of blankets quite so quickly, so they’ll get a lot more use. This is also a wonderful little keepsake, especially if it’s been personalised with the baby’s name or date of birth!

6. A Foodie Gift

This gift is more for the parents than the baby, but offering the gift of a freshly baked cake, some handy snacks or a monthly food-related subscription box can often be amongst the most thoughtful of gifts. New parents often find it difficult to schedule in the usual meal-prep and home cooking as well as everything else, particularly in the first few weeks. Many parents have commented that food gifts were amongst their favourites as they were practical and delicious!

7. A Baby Tree

Planting a tree to mark the birth of a newborn baby is very special gift, as the tree will grow up with the baby! The parents can watch both their newborn and little sampling blossoming over the years. Opt for an indoor potted plant or an outdoor alternative depending on the space and get ready to see the parent’s faces light up at how thoughtful this gift is.

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