How to organise meaningful last-minute father’s day gifts

With the warm weather finally starting to settle in, you may have been too busy with BBQs, beach days and sun bathing in the garden to realise the date, and therefore the time – or lack of – you now have before Father’s Day on Sunday 17th  June. Do not despair, however, as here at Image Casting, we understand that sometimes the fun things in life can get in the way of even the best of intentions. So, for the ill-prepared amongst us, we’ve created a list of 5 of our favourite presents and gifts that can be arranged at the last-minute, for your father or the father of your child, without sacrificing on sentiment or meaning. Read on for further inspiration!

Casting vouchers

For any dad, grandad or even great-grandad, there is not much that is more precious than the dainty, delicate nature of the latest arrival to the family. The recent newborn can continue to bring a smile to the faces of your nearest and dearest for years to come with the help of a life cast of their hands and feet. Our high-quality casts capture every line, crease and fold for a beautiful replica you can treasure forever. By gifting a voucher, you are also providing the gift of choice, as they can decide what material and product they would prefer. From spectacular, standalone sculptures to charming, miniature cufflinks; there’s an option for everyone, and this is the perfect way to spoil that special man in your life on his big day! Vouchers can be personalised, and will be sent out first-class in the days between now and Father’s Day. Click here to organise yours ASAP!

Casting vouchers available at Image Casting

Tickets to an event

No one knows your dad, or the father of your children, quite like you, so why not show him just how much he means to you with tickets to an event he is passionate about. This could be his favourite band, comedian, sports fixture or theatre performance; whichever you think he would enjoy the most! The joy of this gift is that you can turn it into a day out for all the family, and perhaps even combine it with dinner or drinks beforehand.

Sunday Roast

Fathering Sunday is, conveniently, on a Sunday – so why not make the most of all that this wonderful day of rest has to offer? Stick to tradition, and take a dad out for a good old-fashioned roast dinner. This can be at the local or you can make it a little more special by venturing further afield; either way, you know he will appreciate the quality time spent with his family, and for an extra special treat you can spoil him with a three-course banquet!  

sunday roast


Whether the dad in question is spending long hours in the garden mowing the grass, or working late at the office a little too often, it’s probably about time you treated him to a well-deserved rest! The destination does not have to be as extravagant as you might fear, and often a staycation to somewhere not too far from home can be just as enjoyable. If it’s your dad, organise one for him and his partner, or if it’s for the father of your children, a surprise break away with the whole family will make the day extra special for him.

an icecream

Drink/food subscriptions

These can usually be organised online up to a day or two before Father’s Day itself, and works well for gentleman who like the finer things in life. These taster boxes can be arranged to send a different culinary delight, be it a craft ale from a faraway land or a type of chilli chocolate he’s never tried before, and once organised, will arrive each month with very little upkeep required. This gift will continue to bring a smile to his face for the days, weeks and even months to come, depending on the length of the package you have arranged. A real treat that he will begin to look forward to, and if you live with the lucky dad, it could be a gift to yourself too – sharing’s caring after all!


We hope these suggestions have provided some inspiration for your dad, or the father of your children, and you have a delightful day full of happiness and surprises on June 17th. If you’d like to discuss any of the baby keepsakes  offered by Image Casting, including the gift vouchers, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, where a member of our dedicated, passionate team would be happy to help!