7 Myths About Newborns, Debunked!

Earlier this year, we revealed the truth behind several pregnancy myths to put the minds of expectant mothers at rest, namely that you need to re-home your cat upon hearing your happy news due to parasites (you don’t). This got us thinking about some of the myths surrounding newborns and what you should or shouldn’t be doing for the latest addition to your family. A time that should be cherished and looked back on with fondness is often clouded by the stress and worry of doing everything by the book. Read on, and you’ll realise there is little to no truth to many of these old wives tales, certainly something to share at your next mother/baby meet-up!

Newborn Babies are Blind

Despite the somewhat sporadic movement of a newborn baby’s eyes, they can definitely see, albeit a blurred vision. They jerk left, right, up and down because they are yet to gain control of their eye muscles but this doesn’t mean those gorgeous little eyes aren’t working!

Babies are more comfortable on their tummy

Amidst the desperation of sleep-deprived parents in search of a solution to their crying babies, the unfounded rumour that babies sleep better on their tummy has done the rounds. Not only is this not true, it can actually be dangerous for your newborn and is definitely one to ignore. Babies cry, and there are a host of reasons for the discomfort, so don’t assume that the lying position is the problem and remember that they are safest when on their back.

Introduce new foods to babies one at a time, and wait three days before introducing another

The 4 – 6 month milestone and transition to solid foods is exciting, but it’s also plagued with rumours regarding exactly how, what, when and why to trial different types. Professionals suggest that you don’t need to stick to just one food type at a time, and that it’s ok to introduce different foods simultaneously.

Don’t hold your baby too much or risk spoiling them

There are many parents who are told that by holding their baby multiple times throughout the day they are causing more harm than good, spoiling him or her and making them more likely to cling as they grow up. This simply isn’t true, and in actual fact babies need a lot of skin-on-skin contact, particularly in the first few months. That’s not to say you must carry your baby wherever you go, but if he or she is showing signs of discomfort, picking them up may be the best way to soothe them.

Newborns sleep for most of the day

There is a common misconception that babies spend the majority of their time asleep, or that they’ll sleep all day and keep you up all night. Whether you regard this as a positive or a negative depends on your schedule, but it’s also irrelevant, given that there isn’t an ounce of truth behind the statement. Newborns sleep in cycles of around 2-3 hours, and unfortunately for the main care giver, they’ll be lucky to get that!

Keep your newborn indoors to start with

Some families will opt for a rest period following the birth, and it might seem easier to stay inside as opposed to navigating through the crowds outside. However, it’ll be good to get some fresh air for the baby, while you are, by now, entitled to a well-deserved break away from the confinement of your home. Whilst it might be true that a newborns’ immune system is typically at its weakest, stopping them from doing things from the word go is not the way forward.

Baby walkers will help them to learn to walk earlier

On the contrary, baby walkers have not proven to speed up the process of walking, and may in fact be more of a hindrance than first thought. Modern walkers can contribute towards a slower muscle growth, making it more difficult for babies to take those all-important first steps.

We hope by unveiling some of these myths, we’ve put a few minds to rest. If you’d like to make sure that you can cherish those special new-born moments forever, don’t hesitate to check out our baby hand and foot casting services, where our highly experienced crafters will be able to capture the elegant, dainty nature of your baby’s hands and feet when they are at their daintiest.