The Ultimate Guide to Baby Firsts

There are a plethora of milestones to celebrate from the moment you take your bundle of joy home from the hospital; from the first time your baby holds its head up for a few seconds by itself to when he or she takes their first steps – and everything in between! Here at Image Casting, we understand how special that first year is and how important it is to remember as much as possible. Below, we’ve listed a few of the ‘firsts’ you’ll want to recall with friends and family for years to come, along with just some of the ways you can commemorate the special occasions.

Baby chewing letter toy

First sleep through the night

It seems fitting to start with this momentous breakthrough, given the magnitude of the event and how much it will mean to mummy and daddy. After weeks and weeks of 3 am wake-up calls, unpredictable sleeping patterns and long nights trying to figure out the source of the upset have led to this moment, and it is certainly cause for celebration. While it may not necessarily mark the end of sleepless nights, it is definitely a step in the right direction, and unlike many of the other milestones, you won’t be sorry to wave goodbye to this stage!

First real smile

You may have captured a glimpse of that all-important baby smile, but for the first few weeks, it’s much more likely that this is a natural muscle spasm that is completely unintentional. The first real smile is likely to be at around 8 weeks, and you’ll know it’s authentic because it’ll be in reaction to an action or noise that you’ve made. There’s little that tops that first genuine smile, and you can rest assured knowing that there are plenty more to come! The first smile could be a great time to take moulds of their hands and feet – an extra special reminder of this momentous point in time so that you can treasure forever how tiny and delicate they were at this time.

First giggles

That first babble of delight will stick with you forever, and chances are you and family members will spend the next several months making ridiculous noises and facial expressions to replicate that very sound. While some may grow weary of the constant cooing, tedious tickling and petulant peekaboo, you will never tire of such a joyful sound!

First roll over

Anytime between 4 and 6 months you can expect your little baby to roll over onto their tummy. This is likely to shock you at first, particularly if you look away for a matter of moments to return to find your baby fully rolled over. While this might not seem quite as sentimental as a first smile, it speaks volumes for the progression of your baby’s growth and suggests that all-important crawl is not far away.

First crawls

The first time your baby travels across the room on all fours is a momentous occasion in any family and marks the start of the need to baby-proof the home. Your little bundle of joy is not so little all of a sudden, and it won’t be long before they’re tearing around the living room causing havoc in whichever way they can. At this point, hands and feet will be a little more filled out, and our casts will capture every line, crease and fold possible, for you to remember those perfect little feet as you see them disappearing around the corner!

First grabs

After the uncoordinated hand claw that seems to find itself in any food, liquid or substance within reaching distance, by 9 months, your baby will have the more structured approach of using finger and thumb to pick up objects. This will both make your life easier, as there will be a fraction more method behind the madness, but also difficult as your little treasure begins to grab at things that are best kept out of reach.  

First waves

At around 9 months old, your baby will now understand more about the meaning behind waving and pointing and will probably begin to test the waters themselves. As they see that this will usually result in achieving what they want, this is likely to become more and more common over the next several weeks, to the joy of family members and friends who come to visit and get a wave goodbye. Hand casts are the perfect way to commemorate such an occasion and can be framed or created as standalone sculptures to remember that first wave forever!

An example of one of our baby casts

First words

Usually, your not-so-new-born will start to string random sounds together when they are just approaching the first year milestone. ‘Mama’ and ‘dada’ are popular choices for obvious reasons but given that your baby now has their own growing, personality at this point, they might surprise you with something a little more unusual, such as ‘car-keys’. Given that this will happen between 10 and 12 months for most babies, it’s a good idea to organise a cast in time for the first birthday. Even for late bloomers, chances are their hands and feet will not change significantly over this period, and you can display your chosen casts with pride when the big day finally comes around!

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration for how to celebrate your baby’s ‘firsts’ over their first 12 months, and at what points you could arrange for one of our beautiful baby casts to be created. If you’d like any further information on any of the products or services offered by Image Casting, please don’t hesitate to contact us, where a member of our passionate and dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.