The Rise of Gender Reveals and Creative Ideas for Your Own!

Gender reveal parties and announcements are a relatively new idea, not least because of developments in technology. In the last six or seven years, the idea of revealing the gender of your unborn baby through a party, video announcement or some other creative form has steadily grown. Here at Image Casting, we thought we’d take a look at just where this idea came from, its role in popular culture and 3 creative ideas for gender reveal inspiration.

gender reveal

We used Google Trends to establish a clear timeline on search volumes for gender reveals to give us a better idea of how the idea spread so quickly. After an initial spike in 2012 – perhaps caused by a celebrity gender reveal or a trend on social media – the term has grown at a steady pace over the last six years. As with many things, it originated in the US, but Australia and the UK have been quick to adapt to the latest trend.

The increase in interest for gender reveal parties and announcements could be related to the rising focus on social media platforms during this time. Cultures across the globe are leaning towards an all-sharing society, as we discussed in recent blog, How Millennial Parents Utilise Social Networking to Become Competent Parents. Social media profiles are there for people to share every aspect of their life, and a new baby is of integral importance in the digital sphere. As more and more original and innovative gender reveals are shared online, the trend will continue to grow in momentum and looks to be a trend that’s set to stay for years to come.

In 2018, gender reveals have cemented themselves in mainstream culture, with the search term receiving relevancy scores of 100 several times in the first 6 months of 2018, suggesting some even take precedence over more traditional naming ceremonies. People will gather with friends and family to announce the gender of their baby, and this will be represented by colour, usually pink for a girl or blue for a boy. There are a plethora of ways you can do this, from coloured cake icing and celebration balloons to more experimental piñata’s – pregnant women to take extra care with the latter! However you decide to announce your happy news, you will take comfort from being surrounded by your nearest and dearest and sharing such a special moment with loved ones.

5 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Balloon Release

A classic, but much-loved all the same, the trusted person who knows the gender can fill a decorated cardboard box with the necessary coloured helium balloons. As the expectant parents open the box, the balloons will shoot in the air, giving the rest of the party the answer they’re waiting for straightaway.

Fairy Cakes

A tasty treat for guests to enjoy, but also the perfect way of telling them what to expect when your own bun in the oven makes an arrival! Make blue or pink frosting and once the cakes have cooked and cooled, cut a small hole in the middle of each cake and fill with the appropriately-coloured frosting. Pop the lid back on, and decorate with neutral decorations so there’s no room for false alarms!

Egg Smash

A fun, creative method that will be particularly well-received by older siblings! Hollow out eggs, paint them black and fill them with pink or blue paint as required. The family can then throw their eggs at a blank canvas to give their answer, leaving a wonderful keepsake from the occasion! Remember to throw from a close range, especially if you have younger children joining in, or expect pink-splattered fences!


Provide the trusted individual who knows the gender with a question mark piñata, which they can then fill with pink or blue confetti as appropriate. This is a fun way of announcing the gender and both parents, and any older siblings, can also get involved.

Paint Splat

Those looking for a reveal with the wow-factor can fill paint guns/water guns with the correct colour of paint. Mum and dad can be dressed in all white – we recommend not wearing clothes they don’t mind getting a little messy – and older siblings, friends and relatives can shoot the guns in their direction until they are splattered with the indicative colour! We recommend establishing a no ‘head-shot’ rule, but each to their own!

Others will opt for a video reveal, which they can then share with their immediate network to the enjoyment of family and friends, and look back on with fondness in the future. This video shows a few of our favourites:

Gender reveal parties seem to divide opinion, with some seeing it as a fun and interactive way of introducing the gender of your bundle of joy and others taking the more cynical approach that it is an extension on the already selfie-obsessed generation fuelled by social media. Whatever your views on gender reveals, there’s no harm in celebrating with someone else, and an excuse for a good get together if nothing else! Presents aren’t usually requisite for gender reveal announcements, but will perhaps remind you to sort out a bespoke baby gifts for when the due date finally arrives. Here at Image Casting, we sell casting vouchers perfect for parents-to-be, as they can enjoy choosing and arranging a personalised keepsake of such a special time of their lives, stress-free. For more information on the full range of services offered by Image Casting, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!