A Guide to Anniversary Gifting

Anniversaries are a milestone occasion for any couple and are often celebrated accordingly. Couples will usually exchange presents between themselves, but you may also gift to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles or close friends. Recognising the years they have spent together is a lovely idea, and will remind them of not only the love they have for each other but that of everyone around them as well. Here at Image Casting, we thought we’d give you a hand with some traditional gift inspiration, whether it is a significant anniversary to gift bronze, silver and gold along with other ideas for the years between.

1st Year – Paper – A Voucher for a Casting

The first year of marriage is a big milestone, and everything you have achieved as a couple for the first time is truly special. A voucher is the perfect paper gift giving you the choice of a holding hands cast, which can either be a full-size sculpture or made into a pendant or key ring. There are a range of materials to choose from including resin, bronze and sterling silver

3rd Year & 15th Year – Crystal and Glass

a glass hand cast

A modern theme of third year wedding anniversaries is crystal and glass, which has recently taken precedence over the more traditional theme of leather. This gives you plenty of room to be creative when it comes to gifting, and there’s plenty to choose from in terms of keepsakes. For couples with young children, the best gifts are always personalised and encompassing the things they hold most dear to them, which is always likely to be each other and their children. A glass holding hands cast is the perfect way of displaying their family bond, or a baby foot cast in glass to show just how dainty and delicate they once were for years to come.

10th – Tin or Aluminium

Our silver coloured resin casts are made from aluminium, making the perfect, thoughtful present for those who have been married for a decade. A holding hands cast is the height of romance, and signifies the connection and love you have for each other over the past ten years, now, and for many decades to come. Those with younger additions can get their children involved or may choose to opt for a resin cast of their tiny hands and feet to capture this moment in time forever.

11th Year – Jewellery

a miniature cast

11th-year gifts were always based on steel historically, but a more modern approach and arguably one that is a little easier to find gifts for looks at jewellery. Elegant, dainty charms that they can keep close to their heart forever, or sterling silver cufflinks to save for special occasions; personalised jewellery is a great way to congratulate someone for 11 years together. Here at Image Casting, we offer a range of miniatures that are just perfect for a keepsake gift, and there’s something very special about keeping the unique foot cast of their little ones close to them forever.


8th & 19th Year – Bronze

a bronze hand cast and miniatureBronze is the traditional gift, and people often opt for home decorations, ornaments and accessories that are made from bronze as gifts. Take the sentiment of this idea to a whole new level with one of our bespoke baby feet casts, the perfect sculpture to display proudly in the family home. If the children are a little too big for feet casts – size 12 teenage feet aren’t quite as cute – then fear not, for a holding hands cast featuring all the family will be something that is truly treasured! Casts are available in bronze resin and real bronze, so you can take your pick.

25th Year – Silver

25 years is a significant amount of time together, and is usually celebrated widely in reflection of this. The recipients for these presents could be grandparents or parents, and a silver life cast that captures every detail – be it adults or babies, lifesize or miniature –  will say it better than a thousand words! The detailing on silver is truly special.

50th Year – Gold

Those celebrating 50 years of marriage to each other truly are an inspiration to all and deserve to be treated in recognition of such a momentous milestone. That said, those who are celebrating 50 years together are likely to be at a point where ‘things’ just don’t appeal unless they have some kind of sentimental significance. Our perfect miniatures can be made in 18 ct gold, for the perfect pendant, cufflinks or charm they can keep hold of forever! This is a particularly lovely gift, as they can keep grandchildren and great-grandchildren close to them forever, even when in real life they might not be so near.

…And any other year in between!

There are hundreds of different gifts available for each anniversary year, usually increasing in both value and emotional significance as the years go on. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of a gift that is both original and meaningful, without requiring the lucky recipient to be involved in the process somewhere along the way. If you’re ever stuck for inspiration, opt for some of our gift vouchers and let them decide how and when they wish to spend them!

We hope this has provided some insight into potential gifts for upcoming anniversaries, and those celebrating will be truly touched by such a thoughtful gesture. If you would like to talk to anyone further about the gifts and baby keepsakes available at Image Casting, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and one of our friendly members of staff will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible!