Valentine’s Day Offer with Image Casting!

Here at Image Casting, we believe that Valentine’s Day is a special day that gives you the opportunity to show the person you love just how much they mean to you. Whether that means sending a beautiful bouquet of roses, a thoughtful card with a meaningful message, or something else; any excuse to show your other half you care should be grabbed with both hands! To help you choose something extra special this year, we’ve decided to offer not one, but two promotions to help you find the ultimate keepsake, full of sentiment!

A Gift Voucher for a Beautiful Baby Keepsake

For a sentimental gift like no other, look no further than a baby foot cast of your baby, giving parents a keepsake of what is closest to their heart for them to treasure forever. Our beautiful baby keepsakes capture every line, crease and fold of a baby’s foot, giving you the rare opportunity to freeze a moment in time and look back with fondness in the years to come. They can be displayed  proudly in the family home, making for a bespoke sculpture that will draw the eyes of all who visit.

An example This year, we have a fantastic offer on loose foot casts in either bronze or silver resin, with the baby’s name hand-engraved on the cast. A single foot is just £175 or you can opt for a pair of feet for £255. This is not only a thoughtful gift they can treasure forever, but also the perfect way to show how much you appreciate the mother or father of your baby, and all that they do for them.

The casts can be completed in time for Valentine’s Day but why not gift a voucher so that the recipient can share in the casting experience?

To arrange the casting, you or the lucky recipient will simply need to phone or email the passionate team at Image Casting, who will be able to arrange a time and date for the casting, be it at home or at the workshop. The offer price requires the casting to take place at our studio in Battersea and does not include a silicone mould or a base for the feet to sit on. Home casting visits can be arranged at an additional cost and moulds and bases can be purchased separately should they be required.

If you would like the expertly crafted resin cast to be ready to gift on the big day itself, the moulds need to be taken before the 5th of February.

If you decide that the cast of your beautiful baby foot or hand would make the perfect present for a fantastic mother or father, vouchers for resin, real bronze, sterling silver and glass are available. Please contact us for more information on the perfect present for your partner this Valentine’s Day.


A Holding Hands Cast

There is no better way to show the love you have for your partner than with a holding hands cast. A unique keepsake that represents the bond you share forever will take pride of place in the home you share together; a constant reminder of just how much you love each other. If you are unsure of whether a holding hands cast is right for your partner, check out one of our recent blog posts where the beauty of a holding hands cast is discussed in further detail.

Here at Image Casting, in light of the magic of Valentine’s Day, we’re offering a holding hands cast in either bronze or silver resin An example of one of our holding hands cast for £460. This will include hand engraving and while a base is not included in the price, it can be purchased separately if required. The recipients must be able to visit the Battersea workshop to take advantage of this offer.

Once again, if you would like this beautiful, bespoke sculpture to be ready for the day of the 14th February itself, all moulds will need to have been taken by February the 5th. Real bronze, sterling silver and glass casts can also be arranged by contacting Image Casting

The products offered by us here at Image Casting are the perfect personalised presents for anyone looking for some ‘giftspiration’ for their partner in time for Valentine’s Day. Whether it be a sculpture of your new-borns foot in recognition of all they do as a parent, or a holding hands cast to symbolise the love you have for each other. If you have any questions about any of the promotions, or would like to know more about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly and dedicated staff members today.