How to Make Memories That Count in 2018

For many, the start of a new year brings the chance to turn over a new leaf and make positive changes to various aspects of your life. Even if you decide to come up with a whole list of resolutions that you know deep down you probably won’t stick to, at least the thought was there! But one that should be the top of everyone’s resolutions is making memories that count in 2018; spend quality time with the people you love and cut down on the meaningless items that are purchased all-to-often, thus destined for a life in the loft.

When you look back over your most treasured memories of recent years, nine times out of ten, it’s the people that surrounded you and the laughs you shared that you remember as opposed to the presents you received. Memories are a powerful thing, and they provide something for you to recall when you are feeling blue, which means they are likely to improve your mood tenfold just by remembering a specific occasion. So that your 2018 can be full of fantastic memories for the whole family, we’ve made a list of the main factors you may wish to consider and implement when it comes to making meaningful memories!


It probably isn’t news to you that travelling far and wide will open your mind to a whole host of new experiences, cultures and traditions. The social aspects that come with it, such as meeting new friends on holiday, interacting with a range of different people you may not usually come across and being put in unusual circumstances, all contribute to making the best memories for you to remember in coming years. Family holidays are of particular importance, as you can experience all this together while looking back with fondness in time to come, remembering invaluable experiences with those you love the most.

Throw a Party

We may feel a little guilty of not spending enough time socialising with friends and family, both near and far, particularly in the winter months. When it’s someone’s birthday in 2018, why not hold fire on hitting the high streets for a novelty gift, and rather set your budget on throwing a surprise party? The time and effort taken to organise such an event will be greatly appreciated by the lucky recipient, and the memories made throughout are irreplaceable.

Memorable Keepsakes

baby hand and feet casting at Image CastingInstead of settling for any fridge magnet, picture frame or personalised coffee mug that comes your way, save up or club together with friends for a keepsake that is a little more meaningful. For example, here at Image Casting, we offer a range of casting kits, which will enable you to create beautiful baby hand and feet casting gifts that not only make for fabulous presents, but also help you to make memories while you create them. You could even opt for a holding hands cast to demonstrate the strength of your family bond, and have one of our casting artists visit you at home to take the moulds. The result? A beautiful keepsake that can uniquely capture every fold, line and crease, which the whole family can treasure forever.

Go for a Day Out

When the winds are howling, the rain unforgiving and the temperatures sub-zero, finding the motivation to leave the warmth of your home can be difficult. But instead of everyone curling up on the sofa with eyes glued to tablets and phones and barely talking, whip out the wellies, zip up your coats and head out for a puddle-jumping adventure! It is childhood activities such as this that children will recall fondly in years to come, and just think how much you’ll enjoy a well-deserved soak in a bubble bath afterwards!

We hope this has given you a little something to think about when it comes to how you will spend your time and spoil the people you love in 2018. This not only encourages a more minimalistic approach to life which will work wonders for the environment, but by simply opening your mind to new experiences, activities and keepsakes, you will be able to guarantee memories with longevity in the new year. If you’d like to further discuss what Image Casting can offer you in terms of baby keepsakes, holding hands casts, miniatures and other memory-related gifts, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our dedicated and passionate members of staff.