The Beauty of the Holding Hands Cast

We are now halfway through November, and there’s no denying that the festive season is fast-approaching. Regardless of whether you are a grotto Grinch who curls their toes at the thought of Christmas songs or a festive fanatic just itching to put up the tree; everyone needs to start thinking about what presents they’re planning for their nearest and dearest. The more organised amongst us may have this well under control, but there will be many searching high and low for some inspiration to show their loved ones they care this December. Read on, as here at Image Casting, our beautiful holding hand casts might just be the answer you’re looking for…

an example of one of our glass holding hands castsBuying a present for close family members and friends is a daunting task, and in a world where everyone has everything they need and then some, you must think outside the box. A holding hands cast can speak volumes about the unspoken bonds between families, particularly in the sense of a relationship between siblings. Whether it’s the caring older brother protecting his little sister, two brothers embraced instead of play fighting or the sisters who are bound to be ‘best friends forever’; a sculpture truly does say a thousand words. You can also opt for a whole family cast, showing the closeness of the unit, and making a perfect and welcome addition to the family home.

Because of this sentimental attachment, these sculptures make the perfect present for parents, and you will see their faces light up on Christmas morning when they realise it’s not just any hands; it’s their children’s hands, taking it to a whole new level of emotion. Grandparents can arrange the cast while on babysitting duties to retain the element of surprise, or organise a day out with the grandkids and get a mould taken; a fun day out for you all and a fabulous present for the parents who really deserve it! Alternatively, if you’re stuck for what to get your other half and are looking to ‘win’ the battle of the gifts this December, a holding hands cast is also an ideal option. An inspired gift for the partner to show how much you appreciate all that you do and encapsulate all the love and trust of your little family.

Holding hands casts are available in a variety of materials, including bronze or silver resin, real bronze, sterling silver and glass. Each brings something different to the table, and the best one for you depends on the needs, wants and priorities of the recipient. Each material captures every line, fold, and crease perfectly for a beautiful end-result and a sculpture that can take pride of place and be the focal feature of any room.

An example of one of our bronze holding hands casts and miniatures

Alas, time is not on your side. With the deadline for resin casts just under a week away, you need to act fast to confirm that casts will arrive in time for Christmas, so contact us today to see if we can arrange a casting as soon as possible! If you are the proud owner of an existing cast and have a copy of the mould already, a cast can be created for you at a lower price. Another great option is to get an existing cast made into a miniature, so someone who already loves the cast can keep it close to their heart forever!

If you’re set on a holding hands cast but have left it just too late to arrange, fear not, for you can always opt for casting vouchers. These can be sent to yourselves or directly to the recipient including a personalised message, and can be used for holding hand casts, as well as framed and free-standing casts. Simply fill out our online order form, and they’ll be on their way to you in no time!

We hope this has provided further insight into the beauty of holding hands casts and why they make the most thoughtful of Christmas presents. If you find yourself with some questions about the sculptures, or any other aspect of the casting process, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we’d be happy to speak to you in further detail.