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  • An example of our unique baby foot casts

    The Fascinating Nature of a Baby’s Foot

    Here at Image Casting, we spend a lot of time close to feet, from the first moment we take the mould to the final details or engraving. As with many things, the more time we spend with feet, the more intrigue that surrounds them, and we can’t help but find baby feet particularly interesting. There […]

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  • An example of our beautiful resin casts

    Why You Need to Be Organising Your Christmas Casts Now!

    The autumn equinox is later this week, meaning that summer is officially over and winter is well and truly on the way. Autumn tends to fly by in a flurry of falling leaves, Halloween and fireworks, and then the Christmas preparations will soon be under way! Whether you’re a big fan of all things festive […]

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  • An example of our hand and foot casts which make perfect baby keepsakes

    Everything You Need to Know About the Next Royal Arrival

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced last week that a third royal baby was on the way, and the nation could hardly contain their excitement. The royal couple is adding to their brood to make a family of five for the first time in 58 years, with all of the Queen’s children following the […]

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  • National Grandparents' day

    Happy National Grandparents’ Day and Why They Deserve The Best

    Today is National Grandparents’ Day, and in light of this, we’ve decided to write a blog post dedicated to all the Nannies, Papas, Grannies, Grandpas, Grandmas and Grandads across the land, and why they deserve the best when it comes to gifts.

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