A Complete Guide to the Physical Growth of Babies and The Best Times to Cast

A baby’s journey of growth is one of the most beautiful things a parent can experience, and more often than not, is over all too quickly! However, fear not present mums and dads and parents-to-be, for there are ways we, here at Image Casting, can help. We’ve taken a look at the physical changes your baby goes through during the special time between new-born and toddler. We have also considered the best times to get your baby’s feet cast depending on your priorities so you can end up with the perfect keepsake to treasure forever!

A fine example of a baby keepsake on offer at Image Casting

0-1 Month Old

This is understandably a hectic time of fleeting visits from family and friends and settling into your new routine with a tiny, very cute addition. During this time your baby will begin to recognise your voice, touch and face. He or she won’t be able to see more than 8-12inches away, but that’s the perfect distance to gaze at your face and familiarise herself with who you are and your role in their life.

Some new parents will want to get hands or feet cast as soon as possible, to remember such a special time of the parent-child bond and get the keepsake when they are at their tiniest. However, it is worth noting that in the first few weeks of a baby’s life, there can be more skin than foot. A baby almost needs to ‘grow into its feet’, and casts can be very wrinkly, although granted, this is not always the case.

3 Months Old

By the time your baby is 3 months old, you’ve probably been delighted by one of their beautiful smiles and seen them begin to imitate the facial expressions and sounds that you yourself may make. They’ll be able to lift their head and chest, and can even pick you out from across the room, and hand-eye coordination is improving all the while.

This is a popular time to get cast, as hands and feet would have plumped out a little and are still small and cute. A general rule of thumb is that if the hands and feet look adorable to you, then that is when you should cast them, and this is a popular time for parents to feel this way. After all, you can always get more casts taken at a later date, but you can never go back to when they were so small and delicate.

6 Months Old

At half a year, your baby is now fully engaged with the world around them, and has realistic ‘babble’ conversations with you. They will now be able to roll over, sit up unassisted and be more sensitive to your tone of voice. 6 months old is a magical time for both parents and baby, and your little treasure truly has a blossoming personality.

This is a great time to take a cast for hands and feet while they are all “squidgy” and adorable. At this age your baby may be little more wilfull and interested in everything going on around them so may need distracting with toys or food while the moulds are taken.

7 Months To A Year

Before you know it, your little darling is whizzing round on all fours, mastering their first words and maybe even taking their first few steps! Your baby is rapidly growing, and their cognitive development during this time is incredible to see.

With the flurry of events happening prior to this point, many opt for a cast at around this age, with some even choosing to recognise the first birthday milestone with a cast. Hands and feet may not be as delicate and tiny as they once were, but they will have developed at a consistent pace to the point where hereditary traits can be identified.

One thing to remember when it comes to growth and hand and feet casting, is that new born feet are all different sizes and develop at different rates. Their hands and feet can be short and squidgy or long and thin, and here at Image Casting, we are yet to identify the ‘average’ baby. In fact, we’ve even cast one two-week old baby who’s feet were bigger than a 6 month-old’s!

Whenever you decide to get your casts taken, it’s important to remember that this is purely a personal preference; there is no right or wrong age to take a mould. From day one to year one, every foot and hand is full of character and personality, and is a baby cast that can be treasured forever.