Fantastic Famous Casts and Where to Find Them

Image Casting was founded in 1998, and for nearly 20 years has been providing people from the UK and beyond with bespoke baby keepsakes and unique sculptures for them to treasure forever. When it comes to resin casts, we are experts in the field and use only premium suppliers for all our goods and services. All of our skilled workers have a background in sculpting, jewellery making and the arts and have developed specialist techniques to make only the finest, most-detailed of casts.

It is perhaps this reputation of quality and experience that have led us to a variety of fields when it comes to casting, a memorable one being famous casts. Better than a photo or an autograph, a real-life cast captures the detail of a living legend’s hand like no other and brings a sense of reality to the piece, as the person must have been there throughout the process.

The casting of famous people is not only fun for those who take the mould but also acts as a recognition of achievement for those being cast. The sculptures will usually be on display somewhere relevant to their sector such as a studio in response to excellent contribution to the industry. In other words, you know you’ve made it when you get a cast made of your hands for display!

Below, you can gain an insight on some of the famous people we have cast, a little bit of information about the person behind the sculpture and where the cast can be found:

Alan Davies

A British writer, actor and stand-up comedian, Alan Davies is often referred to as London’s funniest man. He has played the title role in BBC’s Jonathan Creek since 1997 and is a permanent panellist on BBC panel show QI, and it is on the set of the latter, that Image Casting Founder Alison got to take the cast of the man himself. She was invited into the studio to take the mould and caught a glimpse of Stephen Fry and Carrie Fisher while she was there. The sculpture itself can now be found in the ITV Studios on the South Bank in London.

Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi and Frances de la Tour

You might know this trio better as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Professor Yana from Doctor Who and Madame Maxime fromAn example of one of our famous casts Harry Potter. Each of them has a wealth of experience in both TV and movie, and are well known public figures all over the world. We managed to cast them while they were rehearsing for the ITV sitcom Vicious, which followed the lives of an elderly couple Freddie and Stuart, who had been together for 50 years and maintained somewhat of a love/hate relationship. All three can now be found at the ITV studios on London’s South Bank.


Ben Elton

An English comedian, actor, author, playwright and director, you may best know Ben Elton as the writer of The Young Ones and Blackadder, and recognise him from the stand-up comedy scene. We were offered the chance to cast this talented individual for display at the ITV Studios and unsurprisingly jumped at the chance.

Our experience of casting the famous doesn’t stop there, and in years previous we have also cast a host of Wimbledon champions. Although the sculptures aren’t currently on display, they were visible for quite some time as a credit to those who have performed particularly well during the competition.

When we aren’t casting the rich and famous, we also provide baby hand and foot casting for a variety of occasions. Whether you’ve got an upcoming christening, a first birthday or you just want to capture the delicate and unique nature of a new-born’s foot; we can help! With a range of bespoke baby keepsakes on offer, mounted in a frame or as stand-alone sculptures, contact us today to arrange a cast you can treasure forever!