Baby keepsakes that grown up children will love

As children grow up and flourish into delightful young adults, it becomes harder and harder to buy them a gift they will truly appreciate. While chocolate and the latest on trend toy was once more than sufficient, grown up children with money of their own are difficult to buy for, particularly if it’s a milestone birthday you wish to commemorate with something special. Whilst cash or a great big cheque is undoubtedly well-received, it lacks sentiment for such a landmark occasion. Here at Image Casting, our bespoke baby keepsakes are great to save for such an event, and offer a truly unique and thoughtful gift. We’ve listed some of our favourite ideas below:

A Miniature Charm

Our beautiful hand-crafted miniatures are the perfect charm to gift as jewellery for a milestone occasion. These are great for Beautiful baby keepsakes available at Image Casting
birthdays, signifying the journey of growth from baby to adult, and reminding them that you, the gift giver, have been by their side throughout. The miniatures can be made in sterling silver, bronze or 18ct gold, and can be created as a pendant for necklaces, a charm for bracelets or cufflinks. Equally, each can also be gifted upon graduation, or other similar life landmarks as a token of how proud you are of their journey. Grown up children will appreciate the time, effort and thoughtfulness that has gone into the gift, particularly if a casting sculpture has taken pride of place in the home for as long as they can remember. These are the gifts that keep on giving, and can turn into family heirlooms to pass down for generations to come, starting a family tradition of your own. Who knows, they may even shed a tear or two!


Holding Hands Sculpture

Beautiful baby keepsakes available at Image Casting Casting your own hand holding your baby makes for an ideal present in later life, that is layered with meaning. Whilst photos and imprints can portray the bond between parents and a new-born baby, nothing can capture the moment quite like a three dimensional detailed cast that perfectly encapsulates all the emotions of this truly special time. To hold onto this sculpture and gift it in later life is signifying of how you will always be there for your child, and is the ideal physical representation of that relationship. This makes for a great centrepiece on a mantel in their own home or even something special they can keep close when they first move away to university halls, for example. This can also be a great piece to hold on to until you feel like the child needs a boost, if they are going through a particularly tough time or just need reminding that they are loved.


Hand/Foot Casts

You might well have your own child’s hand or foot cast to treasure forever, but why not get them one for themselves? Whether the sculpture is free standing or mounted in a frame, made from silver or bronze resin, sterling silver or glass, you have yourself Beautiful baby keepsakes available at Image Casting something special to hold onto, until you feel like the time is right. For example, they make a great new home gift, as they have at least one thing that has been constantly there throughout their childhood, and understand just how meaningful the treasure is for the whole family. Equally, there’s no better time to gift the sculptures than at a time where some grandchildren are on the horizon. There’s something special about a parent and child comparison of their own hands or feet, giving the child a physical reminder of where they came from and it makes for a brilliant conversation-starter with guests to the family home. Any gift that you’ve managed to keep safe for so long is bound to go down well!

A Framed Drawing/Photograph of the Family Home

A photo or drawing of the family home will pull on the heart strings of those who have left, or are about to, and give them something to hang up with pride in their new home. This works particularly well if you have stayed in the same house for a long period of time, or even their whole lives, or if there were other sentimental reasons that the house was so significant. This gift is likely to ignite feelings of nostalgia, and can be used as a reminder of all their happy times growing up there.

These sorts of gifts take the sentimental value of present-giving to the next level, and is guaranteed to be treasured forever. If you’re interested in any of the baby keepsakes mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us here at Image Casting, where we can arrange a session. Organise the casting today, and prepare yourselves for whatever the future may throw