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  • An example of a hand cast to celebrate success!

    The Importance of Recognising Achievement in Children and the Best Ways to Do So

    Here at Image Casting, we offer a number of services that can help people to celebrate success, whether it be the bronze resin cast of a football boot to represent excellence in football or a holding hand cast to signify teamwork. We’ve put together a few reasons as to why recognising achievement is so important, […]

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  • An example of what Image Casting can offer

    Baby keepsakes that grown up children will love

    As children grow up and flourish into delightful young adults, it becomes harder and harder to buy them a gift they will truly appreciate. While chocolate and the latest on trend toy was once more than sufficient, grown up children with money of their own are difficult to buy for, particularly if it’s a milestone […]

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  • Celebrating the Milestones of Baby Growth

    From the moment your little treasure is welcomed into the world, they begin to grow at somewhat of an alarming rate! Most of us want the little bundles of joy to stay little so that we can hold on to the cuteness and innocence forever. Alas, here at Image Casting, we can’t slow down time, […]

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