Why personalised wedding presents make better gifts

Finding the right wedding present for a family member or friend can prove to be a daunting task. Shopping centres can be stressful when you’re looking for something specific, and in an age where everyone seems to have all that they need, the traditional gift of crystal glassware and novelty home appliances simply will not do. Quit your quest for the perfect present and opt for a personalised gift that is not only unique to the happy couple, but that was even made specifically for them to celebrate their big day.

Examples of creative wedding gifts

Here at Image Casting, we have creative wedding gifts to give to the next couple in your life that are ready to tie the knot. Couples hold hands as a display of their relationship and closeness, creating a sense of belonging and symbolising the love between each other. Our holding hand casts encapsulate the moment and can be made in a variety of materials including bronze or aluminium resin, real bronze, sterling silver and glass. The bespoke sculpture preserves the engagement ring and wedding bands, along with all that they represent and are a meaningful gift to mark such a significant occasion. The casts can also be made into miniatures, allowing you to gift bracelets for her and cufflinks for him, bringing a whole new layer of meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Below we’ve put together a few of the reasons you might want to consider a personalised gift of this ilk, and the ways in which they are superior to commercialised, high street alternatives.


It’s often said that ‘it’s the thought that counts’, and despite that often meaning a present is under par, the literal meaning behind the saying has never been more accurate than when applied to the gifting of wedding presents. Not only does the cast provide the happy couple with a long-lasting keepsake they can display proudly in their home, but it also creates the opportunity for an occasion in terms of the actual casting of the hands. This can be done in the comfort of their own home, or they can make a day of it with a visit to our workshop in Battersea, London. The gift that keeps on giving, this thoughtful gesture shows that you have considered the bride and groom and created something they can enjoy for many years to come.


One big worry when buying for newly-weds is that you find the perfect cheese knife set, only to discover several similar looking packages on the gift table! While some couples opt for a wish list, this limits them to certain platforms and retailers, and chances are many of those will be snapped up by other guests in days. Take the opportunity to be more creative in the giving of your presents and opt for something a little more personal. A gift that is made specifically for the happy couple is unique and cannot be replicated by any other guest.

Suitable for all

One issue that faces a lot of gift-bearing wedding guests is buying for someone you do not know well, or who is not the same age or gender as you. The great advantage of a personalised gift of this magnitude is it’s suitability to the recipient’s, regardless of age or  gender. In an industry fuelled with ‘Mr & Mrs’ oriented products, this works particularly well forsame-sex marriages, given the gender-neutral nature of a cast. The happy couple will appreciate that there is nothing else like this in the world, and it is difficult not to appreciate a gift that has been created specially to mark the occasion.

A lasting keepsake

While some gifts can be cast aside, a keepsake that has been taken to this level of personalisation will be treasured forever. Money will be spent imminently, photo prints will capture an undesirable angle, and a toaster might suffer an electrical fault, but this kind of lasting keepsake is something they can hold onto forever. Taking pride of place on the mantelpiece or being the focal point of a space they share together such as the bedroom, the cast is certainly a talking point for the décor of their home.