Ideas for a first birthday

Your little treasure turning one is a truly significant milestone. The first year of cute giggles and early mornings is over, and you’ve undoubtedly observed with awe as your baby learns all about the world around them. A first birthday is more of a milestone for parents than it is for the little bundle of joy, who is probably blissfully unaware of their big day. But what are the best ways to recognise such an important event? A birthday party seems like a lot of organising, considering the birthday girl or boy won’t even remember their big day! Worry not about themes, invitations and distant relative’s food allergies, and skip the party, opting for a longer-lasting and more meaningful method of recognition. Below are some unique ways you can celebrate and recognise your baby’s first birthday, without throwing a party.

Examples of our baby casts

Baby casts

With time flying by so quickly, you may want to mark the occasion with a lasting memento of how precious, little and innocent your baby is now. It’s not too late to get a baby cast, and it can, in fact, be the best way to celebrate such a momentous birthday. Capture the moment with the casting of their little hands and feet which, unfortunately, won’t stay this small for much longer and remember just how tiny and precious they were for years to come. An Image Casting baby foot cast, for example, is a true 3D likeness of your baby’s foot, revealing all of the tiny creases, folds and lines that change so rapidly as the baby grows. These are cast in silver or bronze resin, and can be freestanding or mounted and framed for a special keepsake. The casts can also be made in miniature, where you can transform your cast into a treasured charm in sterling silver or gold to be worn as jewellery or on a keyring, and keep it close to you forever. A great way to combine spending time with your baby and loved ones is to celebrate the day with a casting session  in the comfort of your own home and you’ll have a unique baby keepsake to mark the occasion for years to come.

Cake smash photo shoot

Another fabulous way to spend time together whilst creating baby keepsakes is to jump on board with the cake smash trend. For those that haven’t heard of this, essentially you let your little monkey get as messy as they like, and capture it all on camera, making for cute, hilarious snapshots of your baby celebrating his or her first year. A cake smash session usually includes a bubble bath after the shoot to clean up, giving you another opportunity to make the most of the photographer you have on hand. Research the different photographers that are available in your area that offer this service, and opt for a well-regarded studio with good reviews. You could opt for this idea a couple of weeks prior to the actual birthday, allowing time for prints to be chosen and produced, and sent to family and friends as a thank you card.

Take a trip away

Another way to recognise and celebrate the landmark is through taking what’s known as a ‘celebration vacation’. Your baby will not remember any kind of special event thrown in his or her honour, so why not spend the money on a weekend away with your partner instead – for a trip you definitely will remember? It’s a good idea to opt for a staycation for your first holiday with a little one; travelling abroad can be stressful at the best of times, let alone with baby in tow. Remember to take lots of pictures to record what is likely to be your baby’s first holiday – a classic snap in oversized sunglasses is a must!

Plant a tree

A slightly more alternative idea is to invest in some good quality tree seeds, and plant them on the day. This will allow the tree to grow at the same time as your baby and is a lovely addition to the garden which your child will reap the benefits of as they grow up. If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden space, we recommend planting an English Oak, or something similar, as it is known for being a home to wildlife and living to a ripe age, which your child will be able to climb in the near future. Alternatively, any kind of smaller tree or even a potted plant will work in the same way and provide a reminder of how much your baby has grown over the years.

Any of these ideas are a great way to celebrate the milestone of a first birthday. Leave the showering of toys, clothes and teddy bears to friends and family, and choose a more fulfilling means of celebration. If you are interested in creating a baby cast, do not hesitate to check out our beautiful range of both framed and free standing resins and contact us for further information.