How to Decorate Your Wedding Top Table

The celebration of marriage is a fabulous occasion for all involved, and one that will be talked about for years to come. Such an event takes a huge amount of organisation, from flower arrangements to table plans, canapés to music playlists – and everything in between. With wedding season well and truly upon us, many couples are in a flurry of preparation, frantically trying to make sure everything is accounted for to make it a day to remember. One aspect that should not be neglected is the decorating of the top table.

The reception is your first debut as a couple in front of family and friends, and as such everything has to be perfect. Whether your meal is inside or outside, the top table will be the focus throughout the afternoon and should be decorated in a uniquely beautiful way, with an array of features that reflect upon you both as a couple. We’ve come up with a few ideas of different features and accessories that will help make your top table look fantastic on the day, without taking too much attention away from the beautiful bride of course!

example of our hand cast features


This is arguably the most important feature on the table. It can be placed between the bride and groom and is likely to feature in many of the photos; while speeches are taking place, the piece will be a focal point for people to admire. In this sense, it’s a good idea to opt for a personalised centrepiece that is special to the both of you, and one that symbolises love and happiness for years to come. Why not celebrate in style with the casting of the couples holding hands? This act spans every generation as a sign of love and deep connection, perfect to take pride of place on the top table at a wedding! The hand cast can be created from the comfort of your home, or with a quick visit to our workshop in Battersea, London. You will be able to choose the material from bronze or silver resin, real bronze, sterling silver or glass, depending on the overall theme of the wedding. When taking centre stage on the top table, the bespoke sculpture is a truly powerful conversation piece that guests will be talking about for weeks. One of the biggest advantages is that the happy couple can take the holding hands cast home with them after the wedding, making it a lasting keepsake which gives them fond memories of the big day.

Glass charms

The top table traditionally consists of family members and close friends who have been included in the wedding party. It’s a lovely idea to gift your nearest and dearest with something to say thank you for all that they have done both in preparation for the wedding and in the years before. More often than not, this is given out during the speeches in the form of flowers, but one subtle yet tasteful way you can demonstrate your appreciation is via a personalised charm on their champagne glass. If you opt for a holding hands cast, you can make these into miniatures, in the form of a pendant, which can then be attached to the glass. These can also be made into jewellery, such as a bracelet for the girls and cufflinks for the boys, which could also be presented via the glass, and will remind them of the wedding and the happy couple in the future. These can act as a token of your gratitude while making the top table look beautiful and unique at the same time.

example of our hand cast features

Other things to consider…

Once your main focal point and glass charms are sorted, there are various other bits to consider to complete the look. Those looking for a romantic style may wish to incorporate flowers, candles and soft lighting to help convey this theme. Add depth to the table with different layers, consider using table runners of luxurious textures, which can then be complimented by the addition of flowers scattered both behind and in front of the centre line. For a more minimalistic approach, consider opting for low-hanging lights on the top table, that can highlight the centre piece and gives you more room for everything else.

Finally, enjoy! From all of us here at Image Casting, congratulations! We hope you have a fantastic day, and if you are interested in getting a holding hands cast done in time for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team today!