Other Things We’re Asked to Cast: How Unusual Christening Ideas are Born

Christening infants and giving thanks for the arrival of a baby has always been a deep-rooted, historical tradition. Its origins go back to the very earliest days of the modern Christian Church, and whilst parents nowadays are perhaps moving away from the more religious services, celebrating the arrival of a little one is still as popular as ever.

However, whether you go for a traditional, religious service, or a more modern naming day, there’s always the conundrum for guests of what to buy for your little bundle of joy and the new parents. Will a silver rattle ever be used?  What use is an engraved tankard to the modern family?  Well, our baby keepsakes are bringing forth a whole host of ideas for modern Christening gifts, as well as unusual Christening-related uses for our hand and foot casts. Here’s what we get up to when we’re not creating traditional hand and foot casts:

chocolate feet 3Case Study 1: The Chocolate Feet 

When Sallie received the resin cast of her baby daughter Florence’s feet, she was so thrilled with them that she immediately started thinking about other ways that she could use the silicone moulds we had sent her.  After chatting on the phone, we purchased some food-safe silicone and made shallower copies of the feet.  When it came to Flo’s Christening, her parents served the traditional top tier of their wedding cake topped with none other than … a pair of Flo’s feet, cast in chocolate!  Chocolate baby feet are ideal as Christening and naming day decorations, or favours, as they create a real talking point and add a personal touch to proceedings.

We hear that Sallie is continuing to experiment with the silicone moulds – Flo foot shaped soaps are on the cards for Christmas presents this year!

Paper weightCase Study 2: The Paperweight  

For a more traditional use of a baby foot cast or baby hand cast, our casts make for excellent paperweights, which in turn make lovely Christening and naming day gifts.  This is what little Max’s grandparents and Godparents received recently, a treasured memory of their grandson and Godson as a tiny baby in the form of a resin paperweight.  The back of the paperweight was engraved with Max’s name, age when the cast was taken and birth weight to create a Christening keepsake which would last a lifetime.

Why do Baby Casts Make for Such Good Christening Ideas?  

The beauty of any baby foot cast or baby hand cast is the attention to detail. Every nuance, wrinkle, dimple and detail of the baby’s skin is captured in high quality, durable resin, so that the memories of your newborn last a lifetime.  Don’t forget that you can also give those memories as a gift to someone else, either through buying our vouchers for a casting session, or by purchasing a baby casting kit.  All casts can be engraved with a name, a nickname, or a special message, so they really are a very personal gift to give and receive. And, as proved above by the chocolate feet, we’re always open to new ideas and will try to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to new requests, so between us we’ll be able to find the perfect Christening or naming day gift in no time!