Caring for your Casts

It’s true that our baby keepsakes are designed to capture the memories of your baby’s first few weeks and preserve them for a lifetime, but every now and then even special memories need a little polish and shine. Caring for your casts should be a simple, straightforward process; here are our professional tips for keeping your casts looking fabulous:

Bronze Casts

Real Bronze Baby FeetBronze casts are made of a metal alloy which is approximately 95% copper. The other elements in bronze can include phosphorus, manganese, silicone and aluminium. Our bronze baby casts are made using the lost wax method, which involves pouring the molten bronze into the wax mould, and removing the wax once it is cool enough to do so.

Caring for Bronze Casts

The simplest way of keeping your cast clean is to use a soft cloth, feather duster or soft-bristle brush. Be careful to never use a chemical cleaner or metal polish on your baby foot cast or baby hand cast, as this will damage the finish, sometimes to a severe degree.

If you really must, use a very small amount of mild soapy water to clean those areas which do not clean up from dusting. After cleaning, leave it to dry naturally or use a hairdryer, but do not rub it dry with a cloth.

A thin layer of Tre-wax can then be applied using a soft bristle brush. The wax will dry to a haze, and you can then buff your sculpture with a soft, clean cloth.

Resin Casts (or Cold Casts)

Single Silver Baby Foot CastingResin casts are made from a mixture of resin and bronze or aluminium powder. Cold cast bronze casts are created by mixing the resin and metal powder together and pouring this directly into a mould. The perfect mixture requires skill, intuition and experience.

Once the cast is fully set, it is carefully removed from the mould, and all of the tiny details – such as skin texture, dimples and creases – can be seen. This is where great skill comes into play to polish the resin without removing this detail. Although robust, cold cast bronze does not have the same robustness as hot cast bronze.

Caring for Resin Casts

Resin casts should have a simple dust regularly to keep them clean. The joy, of course, of freestanding casts is the fact that they are tactile, and are designed to be touched and picked up. However, when a resin cast is handled the skin’s natural oils leave a fine residue which can dull the appearance of resin over time.

To bring back the cast’s shine, use a soft duster and polish rigorously as this will remove the residue and restore the shine; no cleaning product should be required.

For a special clean, please feel free to send the casts to us, and we’ll happily give them a professional polish free of charge (we’ll just ask you to cover the postage and packaging). A little care and attention is all that is needed to keep your memories alive for a lifetime.