Behind the Scenes at the Image Casting Workshop

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at Image Casting?  Well, as you may know, you are welcome to come here, to our Battersea workshop, to let us take your cast for you.  In the meantime, would you like a sneak peek of what we get up to here in our workshop?  Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the place where your memories are immortalised into beautiful baby keepsakes:

The Workshop

Our workshop in Battersea is our creative space where memories are turned into pieces of art.  It’s the vitally important technical part of our set up, where the casts are created. It is where we check that the moulds are suitable for casting and where the mixing, pouring, crafting and polishing takes place. All the machinery for the making process and our waxes are housed here.  If you choose to have your baby hand cast or baby foot cast engraved, the hand engraving takes place in our workshop. It’s also where we experiment with new products and materials and with different ways of working with our existing products, so that we can continue to bring you new and exciting baby keepsakes.

The Office

Our office isn’t like any other bog-standard office; it’s where the magic takes place.  Of course, like any company, we do have to undertake general administration, and this is obviously done in the office, but it’s also our clean area where we can put the finishing touches to your baby keepsakes, such as the framing process.

It’s also where our casting area is, so if you opt for a workshop visit, we’ll make you and baby comfortable in the office, ready to take your little one’s cast.  Once the baby hand and feet casts have been taken and finished, whether framed or created as a free-standing object, we make sure they’re packaged safely, ready to give their owner the gift of memories that will last a lifetime. 

Workshop Visit

As well as our home visits, you can also come to our workshop in Battersea to have your baby’s casts taken. We give a 15% discount if you come to our workshop for the casting, and you’ll also have the opportunity to see how the casts are made.  We’ve got plenty of parking space, and we’re easily accessible by both train (to Queenstown Road and Battersea Park) and the bus.  What’s more, beautiful Battersea Park is just a 5 minute walk away, so why not make a day of it?  Bring your little one for a casting, followed by a stroll in the park – we’ll turn your precious memories into wonderful pieces of art, and you’ll get a lovely day out to boot!