Baby’s First Christmas: How to Make it Truly Special for All the Family

Royals imageWhen it comes to firsts, baby’s first Christmas is one of the big ones; a look at the amount of Christmas ornaments available to mark the occasion is testament to that.  As a new parent or grandparent, you’ll also want to do something to mark the occasion, whether to remind yourself in years to come of the excitement and wonder of that first Christmas as a new family, or to give that precious gift to others that only a new baby can bring.

A baby foot cast or baby hand cast is the perfect way to celebrate your little person, or people, this festive season, and capture them just as they are on their very first Christmas.

Give the Ultimate Christmas Gift this Festive Season 

Most of us will admit that making baby’s first Christmas special is as much fun for the adults as it is for the little one.  After all, let’s face it, your little bundle of joy isn’t likely to remember much of his or her first Christmas – and is more likely to be more enthralled by the gift wrap than they will be by the expensive gifts inside!

But for us adults, this is a milestone for our children; therefore, why not capture that special moment and give it as a gift to our loved ones?  A baby hand cast or baby foot cast will recreate every one of the unique features of your baby, exactly as they are on their first Christmas. And when made into a resin cast, this is a beautiful reminder for years to come of just how precious and little they were at this most wonderful time of the year. Any new parent or grandparent will be thrilled to receive this lifetime reminder of the new little person in their family.

Capturing a Host of Firsts this Christmas 

First ShoesOf course, there are many milestones in any child’s life, and Christmas is just one of them.  If you’d like to add something a little different to a Christmas gift of a baby foot or hand cast, why not include one of the child’s other firsts which may be taking place this Christmas time?

For example, a baby foot cast looks beautiful when framed beside a pair of baby’s first shoes, and we are happy to help you capture this first and many others this Christmas.  Don’t forget you can also have other items cast in resin, such as a first dummy or small toy, which would then make for a unique Christmas present or birthday present come the child’s 18th or 21st; a long term investment which requires some forward thinking maybe, but just imagine the sentimentality of producing this impossibly tiny object, beautifully preserved, on your son or daughter’s first adult birthday or Christmas.

Christmas outings

Home casting sessionMany people like to do something with their loved ones as a gift, rather than just give something.  After all, our time spent with our friends and family is precious and creates wonderful memories.  Why not, therefore, treat your special relatives to a Christmas casting outing?  Come to one of our workshops for a casting session – or we can come to you, if you want to gather your family at home – and then treat yourselves to a special lunch afterwards.

We can guarantee there will be much laughter and love involved – and you’ll have one of our beautiful baby keepsakes afterwards.  What’s more, on specified days this advent, if you book a casting session at our Battersea workshop you’ll get to enter Santa’s lucky dip, too; everyone’s a winner, with wonderful gifts ranging from discount vouchers and baby gifts, up to a bottle of bubbly and even a free resin cast!

Make this wonderful time of year extra special: capture the beauty of baby’s first Christmas with a stunning baby foot cast or baby hand cast. To find out more about our special Christmas offers, follow this link.